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Hypothetical Situations - Present Time

A grammar presentation of structures to talk about hypothetical situations in the present for Upper Intermediate teenage learners of English as a foreign language

Helen Collins

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Hypothetical Situations - Present Time

I wish I was taller.
I wish he would stop playing his music so loudly!
Watch out!
I wish + past simple
If only + past simple
Not likely
I wish I could speak English fluently!
If only our teacher was more interesting.
I wish my teacher wouldn't give
me so much homework!
It's time
It's time we started learning what
we need to learn to get a job in the future.
If I __________ an animal, I ____________ (be) an ____________
If I __________ a colour, I ____________ (be) ____________
If I __________ famous, I ____________
I __________ (get) really fat if ____________
If only I had enough money to buy an iPod
If only I had enough money to buy an iPod
If I had €1,000,000 euros, I would buy a yacht
I wish I didn't have to go to school.
It's time we learned what we need to learn at school.
Past or present?
in the present
to talk about hypothetical
situations in the present.
in the present
If + ________________, _____ or _______ + __________
We use
If I had enough money, I would buy a new computer.
If I spent more time studying, I could get better results in my exams.
If you had the opportunity, would you change your appearance?
I wouldn't want to be famous, even if I had the opportunity
If it wasn't sunny, I would do my homework
Where would you go if you had the choice?
I _______________ (get up) earlier if I __________ (not go) to bed so late.
If she ______ (have) the opportunity, she ________ (not have) plastic surgery
I __________ (not buy) an iPad if I __________ (have) the money
If he ______________ (not study), he ____________ (not pass) his exams
What _________ (you do) if you _________ (have) €1,000,000 to spare?
What animal ___________ (you be) if you ____________ (can be) any animal?
If you _______________ (can be) a celebrity, who ______________ (you be)?
What __________ (you do) if you _______(be) the President of Spain?
Answer the questions
Compare with your partner
If ______________________________________
_________________ if _____________
to talk about impossible or imaginary situations in the present
We can use
Real or imaginary?
I wish + would
If only those tourists would go home!
is used to express irritation or annoyance
I wish he would grow up! He's so childish!
I wish I would grow up!
I wish we would make less noise in class!
Don't use in 1st person

If I had €1,000,000 euros, I would buy a yacht
I wish I didn't have to go to school.
It's time we learned what we need to learn at school.
If only I had brown skin
If only they would show some
good programmes on the TV.
We use
I wish + would
If only + would
to talk about things
that we would like to
happen but probably
It's time this presentation finished.
We're getting bored.
We use the past simple after
this expression
It's time
Thank you for your time!
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