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the green house

No description

yuval mugrabi

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of the green house

Opening song and album from the greenhouse
The Greenhouse
writers, director and production company
Production Company:Movie Plus.
writers:Giora Hamitzer, Danielle Zligovsky, Dikla Kedar, Ronnie Vidor, those Phone Ivory, Ivory Chen.

Episodes And seasons
There are two houses in the greenhouse: Ravens and Eagles. 2 houses compete against each other to win and get a prize. Eagles are sports enthusiasts (especially basketball) and Ravens fans are thinkers. Each house has a Captain. The Crows captain is: Iftach Harlev, and the captain of the Eagles is Daniel Goren.
TV series
The Greenhouse is a television series broadcast on Nickelodeon Youth on YES. The show tells the stories of talented youth leaders grouped in a school called "greenhouse".
Gaia Shalita Katz
Yadin Goldman
Dr. Zuzovsky
Daniel Littman
Lee Byrne
Joy Rieger
Lior Saturn
Smadar tailor
Song Moreno
Tamir Ginsburg
Eli Foundation - gathered
Every season there are 50 episodes, and for now there are two seasons.
The houses
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