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What does "frindle" mean?!

Joey Halgren

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Frindle

FRINDLE FRINDLE "I would like to speak to Mrs.Granger . " If you say this word you WILL write 100 sentences!! "Use the dictionary!" Nick - the HERO! Frindle?? What's a Frindle? Janet - Nick's friend and "partner in crime!" Mrs. Granger - The "Confused" Villian! Nick makes a new word... Nick uses the word... Nick's word is added to the dictionary! Mrs. Granger decided that maybe Nick's new word isn't that bad after all... Everyone LOVES Nick's new word! Frindle is NOT a word!!! 'Without question this modern American dictionary is one of the most surprisingly complex and profound documents ever to be created, for it embodies unparalleled etymological detail, reflecting not only superb lexicographic scholarship, but also the dreams and speech and imaginative talents of millions of people over thousands of years - for every person who has ever spoken or written in English has had a hand in its making." "Words and Their Origins" Everyone except Mrs. Granger, that is!
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