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Final Presentation; Dr. J.Winter; COM 634; May 3, 2010


on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of eVoting

e-Elections in the new era:
e-voting and security Yasmin Dar
COM 634
Dr. J.Winter
May 3, 2010 Untested E Voting Machines to be Used in November (Aug 2008) Bush for President When was the last time you went to vote? WHAT IS a DRE? e-Voting scheme:

Direct Recording Electronic Voting System
Internet voting minimizes error rate
improve accessibility for the disabled voters
results will be calculated efficiently
reducing long-term costs of printing the term e-voting is used to denote a voting process, which enables voters to cast a secure and secret ballot over a network transparency
accountablility (people and votes)
security (votes vulnerable to manipulation) optical scan
polling place punch card paper ballot
DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES Democracy at risk: Ohio e-voting
machines flawed (Dec 2007) Ohio Election Day 2004 Homer is a responsible citizen Direct
Electronic system (DREs) Direct Recording Voting systems lever machine Presidential Elections 2004 Presidential Elections 2008 internet voting (i-voting) chad ex-programer exposes 2000 voting fraud democratic vs commercial interest (Aug 2006)
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