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Digital Portfolio

A Digital Portfolio was prepared for the final Media Arts project, in addtition it also includes research on Video Game Designer and the education options in Ontario that would help prepare you for the career

diane cueto

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Digital Portfolio

Digital Portfolio
Career Kaleidoscope
By : Diane Mae Cueto
Video Game Designer
An Exhibition of Class Work
This title page contains images that pertains to Media Arts ranigng from photography and the usage of photoshop.
I have included the video game character Donkey Kong with oversized eyes in this assignment because it exhibits how the filter option looks when used.
The purpose of this assignment was to understand the concept of elements of art, which includes: line, shape, colour, form, space, texture and value. Accompanying each element are pictures that represent them best.
During this assignment I learned to appreciate contemporary artwork because not only does an artist create a master peice to give off a certain a feeling but also to send a message to those who view it. In this case Mike Kelly has made me realize that imagination is limitless, when you have the passion to express yourself through art. He accomplished creating the colourful model of Superman's town Kandor from just using the images from his comic books and his imagination.
The new person created is named Scarla Menager. The word "menager" means "mix" in French, and this last name is to state exactly what was the purpose of this assignment. I mix different facial features of 5 celebrities, and these includes the following women:
- Scarlet Johansson (facial structure)
- Hilary Duff (eyes)
- Angelina Jolie (lips)
- Kristen Stewart(nose)
- Nicola Roberts(hair)
The following morph is called "The Strange Flying Creature", which is a combination of an ostritch, a fox, a giraffe, a tiger, a horse, a lemur and an eagle.
The objective of this assignment was to create a whole new student, using different parts from other students in the class. With the use of cloning and erasing the task was done, her name is Jambalaya Zaragoza.
My memory montage contains pictures from when I was little to just a couple of years ago where I seem like I am having fun because that's generally how I felt during the days I went to several amusement parks, such as Disneyland.
This was done using the same style and format as the previous assignment, Elements of Art. However, Principles of Design are contrast, rhythm, balance, emphasis, proportion, unity, pattern, variety and movement.
Photography is not simply about capturing moments without using any strategies in the actual photo. This assignment showed that the use of different techiques such as having a centre of interest gives the picture more effectiveness and quality to the person looking at it.
Whether the pictures are stained, folded or scratched, it is possible to fix as if it returned to its original state. During this assignment, the cloning tool was mainly used so it would give the effect of how it used to look. Although the one with the mother and baby was more difficult to do, the tasked was completed by zooming into the picture when cloning.
Despite the fact that the word, "
" has no significance whatsoever, the interior of each letter gives an expressive meaning. For example, darkness, a silouette of a tree and a moon covered with dark clouds, could give the sense of being
However for this assignment, the text style was used to present the message of each descriptive word to the viewer. Where "elegant" can be expressed by swirls and a cursive style, meanwhile "soft" is expressed through a plain, simple style with a light calming colour.
This Christmas Scene contains characters and a setting that puts everyone in the Christmas spirit.
This is an ASCII of Anna Kendrick, where random capital letters were typed from top to bottom, which also included her name and movies she has been in if you look very closely. The eyedropper tool was essential to get the letters to become the same colour as the original, therefore as a result the original image of her is shown by the letters.
This stop motion video is composed of about 220 pictures. Based on a storyline about a drawing of a mannequin coming to life then, briefly sneaks off to have a bit of fun before returning back to a 2-dimensional sketch.
Education Options

One education option is the Classical, Computer Animation & Production Diploma program at Max the Mutt™ College of Animation, Art & Design which is located in Toronto on 952 Queen St W. The tuition fee for a 4-Year Program is as follows:
• 1st Year: $10,500 – includes portfolio review fee
• 2nd Year: $11,850
• 3rd Year: $11,850
• 4th Year: $11,850

In this program for the 1st year, a few out of many sections of the curriculum would include; Design & Composition, History of Animation, and Introduction to Animation. For the 2nd year; Animation Basics 1, Introduction Flash and Introduction to Storyboarding & Film Language. For the 3rd year; Character Design and 2D Computer Animation Film Project. Finally for the 4th year; Animating in 3D for Video Games and 3D Animation Production.

Another education option is taking the Batchelor of Game Design program at Sheridan College located at 1430 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville, ON. Here the tuition fee for a 4-Year Program is as follows:
• 1st Year: $1297
• 2nd Year: $1297
• 3rd Year: $1295
• 4th Year: $1291

In this program to complement core game design courses you'll study:
•Game design and art
•Narrative and script development
•2D and 3D Animation and rendering
•Programming and technology
•Artificial intelligence
•The game industry
•Development and project management

Program Benefits
•Game Design, Art and Animation
•Theory, History and Business Studies
•Computation and Technology
•Game Narrative
•Game Development and Project Management
Working Condition

Game designers work in an office building with desks and cubicles defining individual work spaces. While specifics vary by company, the atmosphere tends to be more relaxed than other businesses. Cubicles will be customized in the way the worker desires them with things like, artwork, stickers, or plastic figures. The dress codes are usually quite casual. To prevent anyone from exposing materials before the game is ready to be released there are strict security. Therefore employees may be forbidden from taking anything out of the office such as data sticks.

Salary Range

The expected average salary for this career could range from $28,000 to $81,000 depending on the size of the company where the sizes include; micro (1-4 employees), small (5-99 employees), medium (100-499 employees) and large (500+emplyees).

Personal and Spiritual Rewards

The video game designers have created intellectual property that they devoted hundreds of hours to work on which they can call their your own and be proud of it and of course also translates into monetary rewards that follow the sales of their products. Therefore since having taken a long time to accomplish designing one game, if the product is successful, there’s a sense of fulfillment within the designers, because it both brings pleasure to the gamer and themselves.

Role of the Artist in Society

These types of artist contribute to the entertainment in society, where thay help entertain people of all ages through intellectual stimulation. With good graphics and designs, more people will be interested in playing video games.
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