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Introducing Literature Connections

This prezi introduces a new on-line resource for teachers using novels in their curriculum.

Suzanne Mathews

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Introducing Literature Connections

Double click anywhere & add an idea Introducing Literature Connections:
A New On-Line Resource for
Teachers & Librarians
collaborative teacher/librarian-created a public access wiki join the community of
teachers to update, add,
maintain, expand each
wiki share knowledge, ideas, experiences, results What is it? What makes it Web 2.0? accessible to all on-line literature guides resource lists galore website links links to library holdings multicultural titles historical context What's so special about it? fiction connections
for further reading vocabulary lists cultural enrichment First title in series:
The Circuit by
Francisco Jiménez Winner of the Globe Hornbook Prize a collection of autobiographical stories
about the authors' childhood experiences as
an illegal migrant worker from Mexico lists of selected books to support classroom activities extensive book lists student-created projects
shared on-line teacher input collaboration between teachers collaboration between students Spanish glossary and podcast pronunciation guide included Companion study of Cesar Chavez and
National Farm Workers Union interdisciplinary In-depth includes titles from BPS Advanced Work Program Core Literature Lists Titles appropriate for grades 4-6 Project ideas reading comprehension vocabulary development in context fiction and non-
fiction resources Culture cultural appreciation & understanding History Poetry research ideas & resources discussion topics essay topics In-depth increase students' involvement
in their learning share students' work with parents, other students,
teachers, schools, states, countries encourage thoughtful exploration deepen cultural and historical understanding tackle challenging and meaningful issues debate current affairs make history relevant make connections across topics, time periods,
classrooms,topics, countries How will Literature Connections
impact students? Features included Future titles include free access a collection of autobiographical
short stories about the author's
childhood as a migrant worker
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