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Newspaper Review


Sunny Li

on 22 March 2010

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Transcript of Newspaper Review

Newspaper Review Arts & Entertainment Section A Review Of: The Money Pit Mystery

This story is about a boy named Sam, his sister Beth, his friend Buzz, and his Grandpa. They were on a treasure hunt to find Captain Kidd's treasure. Sam is a very believable character beacuse he is a 11-year-old boy who loves magic, likes spending time with his family, and loves adventures. Beth, a 13-year-old girl likes what all teenage girls like, make-up, clothes and boys, she also likes to bully her brother and make him look silly. Buzz, a 12-year-old boy is really mischevious and sneaky who will do anything to reach his goal. I think the author really made the place realistic because the most common place to find a treasure is on a island. I would recommend the book to people who likes adventure books, mystery books and to people who likes a good laugh. Authored By: Eric Walter A Column By: Sunny
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