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Noli Me Tangere

No description

Miguel Llamas

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Noli Me Tangere

- Basilio
- Elias
- Sisa
By Rika Ogata & Miguel Llamas
Noli Me Tangere
Chapters 57-Epilogue
- Maria Clara
- Padre Salvi
- Padre Damaso
- Capitan Tiago
- Capitan Tinong
- Isabel
- Dona Patrocinio
- Dona Victorina
- Don Tiburcio
- Linares
- Sister Rufa
- Sister Pute
- Townspeople
Chapter 58: Woe to the Vanquished
- Dona Consolacion
- Guardia Civil/Soldiers
- Mayor
- Tarsilo
- Lieutenant
Chapter 59: The One to Blame
- Tasio
- Crisostomo Ibarra
- Don Filipo
- Families of other prisoners
Chapter 60: Patriotism and Self-Interest
- Townspeople
- Friars
Chapter 61: A Wedding for Maria Clara
-Maria Clara
-Capitan Tiago
-Crisostomo Ibarra
Chapter 62: The Chase on the Lake
- Elias
-Crisostomo Ibarra
Chapter 63: Father Damaso Explains Himself
-Maria Clara
-Crisostomo Ibarra
-Padre Damaso
Chapter 64: Christmas Eve
- Capitan Tiago fell into depression after Maria Clara had turned to nunnery. He then wanted to live on his own as he formed addictions to card-playing, cockpits and smoking opium.
- Both Padre Damaso and Padre Salvi left the town to live in Manila. When Padre Damaso received news that he was to be assigned to a very far province, he took it so badly that he died in his bed the next day.
- Dona Victorina developed a passion for driving her carriage herself, alongside a rigid Don Tiburcio. Apparently, her artificial ringlets and her accent were not enough for her.
- Not a lot of people had anything to say about Maria Clara. However, there was a talk of one incident that happened around September, during a storm. Two sentries were taking shelter from a storm when one of them spotted a ‘ghost’. When they took a look at her face, the ‘ghost’ was beautiful. But then they decided to run off and notify the authorities.
- Nothing more was said about that incident, nor about the unhappy Maria Clara.
Epilogue: Summary
- Many people died during the 'revolution'. After its events, people slowly peek outside of their homes to see if it is over.
- Once it is safe to walk out of their homes, rumors circulate in the town.
- Some people think that Don Filipo and Crisostomo were arrested, while others thought that it was the fault of bandits.
Chapter 57: Summary
- The suspects, or implicated individuals are arrested in the failed attack. Tarsilo is one of them and in order to get information, they torture him.
- Tarsilo is persistent and refuses to speak, even insulting the wife of the officer, causing anger
- They gag him and torture him before proceeding to drown him in the well. His last words were a request to take care of his sister before he strangled/choked himself by trying to swallow his tongue instead of letting himself be drowned
Chapter 58: Summary
- The mourning relatives and family of those arrested wait by the Barracks of the Guardia Civil.
- All the other prisoners have families mourning for them while Ibarra has nobody as all his friend abandoned him.
- he has people angry at him, cursing him for getting their loved ones arrested
- He is blamed for their misfortune and hardships. Although Ibarra has nobody to mourn for him, Tasio does his best to be there, watching from a distance. He then struggles to make it home, officials finding him dead the following day
Chapter 59: Summary
- The people then talk among themselves about the failed attack which was falsely accused on Ibarra.
- Some people (especially friars) praise Padre Salvi for alerting them of the attack while others criticize the Jesuits for declaring that Ibarra had been educated at Ateneo
Chapter 60: Summary
- Maria Clara, now engaged to Linares instead of Crisostomo is at a party held by Capitan Tiago
- She leaves, catching sight of Crisostomo leaping out from a boat. The two of them talk, Maria Clara asking him for forgiveness for being engaged to another man. However she tells him she will never forget her faithfulness to him.
- They share their last moments and kisses together before Crisostomo leaves to escape
Chapter 61: Summary
- Elias helps Crisostomo in his escape, on a boat. Crisostomo wonders why Elias is helping him when Elias has every right to despise him. Elias says he wanted to open Crisostomo's eyes to the situation of their society.
- Crisostomo says he now sees the cancer which is wrecking the Philippine society, after being blinded for so long.
- After being caught, Elias jumps out of the boat to act as bait for the officials, distracting them so Crisostomo can escape.
Chapter 62: Summary
- Maria Clara learns that Crisostomo has been killed while trying to escape.
- Distraught and desperate, she asks Padre Damaso to call off her engagement and let her be a nun, or else she will kill herself
- After arguing, Padre Damaso obeys, not wanting Maria Clara to kill herself. He asks for forgiveness, for making her so unhappy.
- By now, it is revealed the Padre Damaso is her real father. He prays to God to give Maria Clara a happy life
Chapter 63: Summary
- Basilio returns home in order to find his mother. However, Sisa is insane/crazy and doesn't recognize him.
- She runs away from him, making him chase her until they reach her home in a forest owned by the Ibarras.
- When she finally recognizes him he fainted, and she holds him in her arms with joy.
- When Basilio wakes up he finds out that Sisa had died while he was unconscious. He then meets Elias who is willing to help Basilio bury Sisa.
- Elias tells Basilio to get some firewood to cremate Sisa and Elias, then to get the gold buried in the ground to be used for Basilio's future education
Chapter 64: Summary



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