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Differences between terrorist and revolutionary

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Jimothy Stak

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Differences between terrorist and revolutionary

Differences between terrorist and revolutionary
"A revolutionary fights against and established system in favor of change"
A revolutionary is someone whose main cause for fighting is for the benefit people of his/her nation. Revolutionaries bring ideals of equality and fairness to an oppressive government as seen in the American and French revolutions.
What is a revolutionary?
In different revolutions, different methods have been used. Peaceful methods, like protests, have been effective in revolutions like the Egyptian revolution. Violence ha also been used as well, ranging from street violence (French Revolution) to war (American Revolution). The violence tends to be directed mainly towards the regime and not civilians (with some exceptions).
What methods do revolutionaries use?
"I define a terrorist as somebody who seeds/practices terror. Terror is a superior grade of afraid. If somebody wants to make people afraid, just for the fun of it, or in order to extract benefits (real or imaginary) by doing so, of just for “the fun” of it, to make himself feel important, then, the superior stage of “afraidness” it is terror. The concept of “superior grade” not only refers to the grade of such terror, but also to the number of victims it creates."

In my research, the definition for terrorist has been largely the same. A terrorist only fights for him/herself. Terrorists are usually part of a vocal or unwanted minority, as in the case with the Islamic State or Aum Shinrikyo.

What is a terrorist?
Terrorist's methods
During my research, most terrorist attacks have been targeted towards civilians. These attacks have ranged from bombings to shootings, and have targeted one to multiple people (as seen with the killing of Theo Van Gogh or the 911 attacks).
So whats the difference?
In his book Harry's Game, Gerald Seymour wrote the famous phrase "One man's terrorists is another man's freedom fighter." My research has led me to disagree with this quote and I think there are several factors that determine if someone is a terrorist or a revolutionary.
What makes a terrorist?
There are two major factors that make a terrorist. The first one is the targeting and killing of civilians, which is a common goal of many terrorist attacks. The other factor is the motive of the terrorist, being to help an unpopular minority or help him/herself.
What makes a revolutionary?
There are also two major factors that make a revolutionary. The first one is again, motivation, as many revolutionaries, like the ones in the French Revolution, wanted equality and Social Justice. The second one is time. For example, Nelson Mandela was once considered a terrorist, but he later changed and became a revolutionary.
A presentation by Martin Kats.
Wrap up
So in conclusion, a terrorist is someone who fights for him/herself and a revolutionary fights against a government for the benefit of the people. They differentiate in their motives and method and are defined by two major factors.
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If the difference were to be put in a scale, 0 would be neutral 1/-1 would be a revolutionary/terrorist sympathizer, 2/-2 would be a revolutionary/terrorist supporter, 3/-3 would be a revolutionary/terrorist fighter, and 4/-4 would be an extremist.
-Bernard Kats
-Luca Cameron
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