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The Explorers

Jacob Ennis

on 27 February 2012

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Transcript of Rennaisance

Renaissance Explorers
Marco Polo
Christopher Columbus
Ferdinand Magellan
English - Christopher Columbus
Latin - Christophorus Columbus
Italian - Cristoforo Colombo
Spanish - Cristobal Colon
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
Born between August 25 and October 31 in the Republic of Genoa.
Ferdinand Magellan
Marco Polo
Sri Lanka
Persian Gulf
1298, Genoa
Il Milione
The Travels of Marco Polo
* Marco Polo was born in 1254, in Venice, Italy. He traveled extensively with his family, journeying from Europe to Asia in 1271.

* He remained in China for 17 of those years.

*Around 1292, he left China, acting as consort along the way to a Mongol princess who was being sent to Persia.

*His book Il Milione describes his travels and experiences and influenced later adventurers and merchants.
Began the treck eastward
Met the Great Khan
Conscripted into Empire
Served in many high-level government positions
Ambassador & Govenor of Yangzhou
Left with Princess
Fleet of 14 boats & 600 passengers
Only 18 survivors
Joined army to fight against Genoa
Captured and imprisoned in 1298
exaggerates places and culture
widely published
translated in many languages
included accounts of men with tails and cannibals
geography of Asian provinces
Died in 1324
Asked to recant story
Claimed to only have told half of his adventures
His book still stands among the great records of geographic exploration
The "Marco Polo" was built in 1851 in New Brunswick
First ship to sail the world in under six months
Influenced European cartography
In 1453 Fra Mauro Map was said by Giovanni Battista Rmuso had been based on the one baught from Cathay by Marco Polo
Met the Great Khan
Conscripted into Empire
Served in many high-level government positions
Served in many high-level government positions
Accused of being a Traitor and Unaccaptable Behaviour
Believed in a shorter way to reach the Indies a strait that will connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Indies
Charles I
Magellan requested the aid of Manuel I of Portugal to sponsor the exploration of the routes
Participated in a military expedition to Morocco
Without any success, he travelled to Spain for support
He got familiar with the trade routes and the extent of the world's territory
His adventurous spirit and his knowledge in navigation marvelled the King of Spain
Spain could benefit with new trade routes
Decided to sponsor the expedition.
Magellan was named Captain of the Expedition, and Governor of the new lands
In 1519, the fleet sailed from the Port of Seville, Spain
They stopped at the Canary Islands to resupply their goods and fresh water
In Cape Verde, stopped to observe aborigional customs
They then continued all the way to the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 In 1520, their next stop was the estuary of The River Plate, it was then he discovered that was not the route he was expecting
They soon reached the Strait of all Saints and Magellan named the ocean The Pacific
The fleet coast lined South America, exploring the south of Chile
 Six months later the fleet reached the coast of Guam, andwere supplied with fresh food and water.
By reaching the island of Cebu. He baptized hundreds of people during the same day including the Raja of the island
His fleet continued to wonder across the China Sea until reaching the Moluca Islands, in which they got enough spices to bring back to Spain
Only 18 survived hunger, sickness, and thirst
Magellan died during an attack of local people
He is often credited with the first circumnavigation of the earth as
he initially led the voyage
Discovered what is now called the:
Conquered what is now called The Philippines
It then became a Spanish Colony
Aided in the development of later geographic exploration and the resulting knowledge of the world today.
He was one of four sons born to Domenico Colombo
His father made a living as a wool-weaver and latter as a tavern owner
In 1473 when he was 22, he apprenticed as business agent for the Centrione family, along with other important Genoan families.
During this time he traveled to Northern Europe and Western Africa.
First wife was Filipa Maeiz Perestrelo
His first son Diego was born between 1479-1480
Second wife was Beatriz Enrique de Arana
Second son Fernando
He was inspired by
The Bible
Pliny the Elder
Sir John Mandeville
Marco Polo
The World -1490 : Henricus Martellus
Riches of the Far East included spices, silks, and opiates.
His inacurate assumptions
estimated the circumference of the earth at 30 200 km - actual circumference is 40 000km.
Ptolemy's estimate of Eurasia 180° where the actual is 150° from Japan or 180° from China.
Columbus estimated it at 225°.
Assumed Japan was larger and closer to Spain, along with more islands further east.
The Catholic Monarchs approved his voyage in 1492
He set sail from Spain on August 3rd with 90 men and 3 ships, the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria
On October 12th they spotted land
Landed on an island he named San Salvador
Between 1492 and 1502 he made 4 round trip voyages.
Columbus claimed large territories for the Spanish Empire.
Legacy & Impact
Responsible for starting the subjugation and genocide of the native populous of the Americas
By Columbus' 'discovery' of the Americas, he started the Age of Discovery
Enhanced the power of European Imperialism (particularly that of Spain) by giving them access to the riches of the Americas
October 1451 - May 1506
October 12
2nd Monday in October
Who were Columbus' parents.
Where is San Salvador.
Where was he born.
What did he look like.
Did he really think he had landed in India.
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