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the great statue of zues

No description

kieran weatherall

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of the great statue of zues

by kieran.weatherall
The Great Statue of Zeus
How was it constructed
When was it constructed
It was constructed to honor the greek god Zeus.And also they made the olympics to honor all of the greek gods.
why was it constructed
It was constructed with Ivory,gold,covered a wooden frame.
The great statue of Zeus is a 12 meter tall statue.it's located inside a temple in Olympia in Ancient Greece.
The great statue Zeus was constructed by Phidias ,he was considered the best sculptor ever.
The statue took eight to twelve years to finish it.It was completed in 435 b.c. (before Christ).
What are the main features
Zeus wore a robe,sandals,and jewels made of gold.The throne was made of cedarwood and was inlaid with ebony,ivory,gold and jewels.
what are the main features
Zeus held a shinny scepter on top of which an eagle perched,ready to take off at any moment and do the gods bidding.In Zeus left hand rested a statue of goddess victory Nike.
It watched over the ancient olympic games.It was moved to Constantinople and destroyed in a fire in 462 B.C.
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