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Benner's Stages of Nursing Proficiency

How nurses make transition from inexpert beginners to highly expert practitioners.

Chandler Camlin

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Benner's Stages of Nursing Proficiency

-Students entering nursing school
-Little to no clinical experience
-Lack of confidence to demonstrate safe practice
-Requires verbal and physical cues
-Longest stage because it takes practice to become confident and comfortable when learning how to use discretionary judgement -Demonstrate acceptable performance because the nurse has more experience in actual situations
Nurse is efficient and skillful in parts of the practiced area, and requires only occasional supportive cues
-Knowledge is developing
-Base actions on theory and principle, but have a hard time formulating priorities -Two to three years of clinical experience
-Nurse is coordinated and has confidence in his/her actions
-At this stage nurses have developed planning and goal setting skills, and the ability to think abstractly and analytically Proficient -No longer relies on principles, rules, or guidelines to connect situations and determine actions
-Much more background of experience
-Has intuitive grasp of clinical situations
-Performance is now fluid, flexible, and highly-proficient Example: A first year student Example: A newly graduated nurse •Perceives and understands situations as whole parts
•More holistic understanding improves decision-making
•Learns from experiences what to expect in certain situations and how to modify plans Expert Benner's Stages of Nursing Proficiency Novice Advanced Beginner Competent Practitioner From abstract principles to concrete experience
Each step builds on previous one
Changed profession's understanding of expert
Applicable to all learning situations IMPORTANCE Patricia Benner example: Nurses with 2-3 years experience example: nurses in practice 3-5 years Chandler, Summer, Raymond Example: Head Nurses
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