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TT Willacy County

What is going on in Willacy County Lately

Josephine Torres

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of TT Willacy County

Transforming Texas
Strategy 1B
Educating Youth Group and other coalition members on the dangers of Second hand Smoke
Creating a quick presentation to pitch idea of becoming smoke free to owners and managers of restaurants and bars
Creating a simple work place policy to get restaurants and bars to adopt
Strategy 2B
Created a brochure with places to engage in physical activity in Willacy
Researched simple joint use agreements
Researching Work site wellness programs
Creating Prezi for Work site wellness programs
Setting up a meeting with Nurse from Lyford CISD
Completed Complete Streets Workshop and developed a formal plan that was pitched and accepted by the city manager for future bike lanes
Strategy 3B
Clinical and Community Preventive Services
Met with Dr. Smith and introduced myself.
Talked with local pediatrician about ordering Disney books that educate on diabetes
Set up a meeting with Angela from Wesley Nurses to talk about how we can help refer and promote her program
Healthy People of Willacy County
helped create a youth group to create sustainability
filled out scholarship for youth to attend Tx Say What Conference
Received scholarship for conference
Educate coalition on how to support smoke free work sites
They will be planning a back to school fair anticipated date August
Working on Community Garden

Tobacco Free Living-
Reducing Danger of Second-hand Smoke
Signs that will be given to businesses.
Healthy Eating and Active Living
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