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Arete of Cyrene

No description

Nina Barresi

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Arete of Cyrene

I am seeing something yellow.


I am being yellowed.

I am being moved by something yellowly.
A bit about her.
Greek female philosopher
Came from Cyrene
After her father, headed the Cyreniac School in Athens
Taught science and philosophy for 33 years and wrote over 40 books
A hedonistic philosophy
"Pleasure as the highest good."
All of our own knowledge is derived from our personal experiences- skepticism
We cannot infer facts about anything
Ex. Jaundice an yellow wall
Arete of Cyrene
Arete of Cyrene
Personal pleasure above all else
Egoistic hedonism
personal pleasure is most important
No concern for future
c. 300-400 BC
Father of Arete
Founded the Cyrenaic school
Studied with Socrates, but strayed far from the teachings of Socrates and founded the Cyreniac philosophy
neither white or yellow?
both white and yellow?
sweet or bitter?
Is it really true that we can't infer facts from our personal sensory experiences? What about a color blind person? Is their version of red wrong because it is different than the norm?
It has been debated by many historians and philosophers that Arete of Cyrene was one of the earliest feminists simply for the fact that she educated herself and her own child. Do you agree with this? Would you call Arete of Cyrene a femenist?
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