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AIESEC as a Business v2

No description

Benjamin Miller

on 5 August 2010

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Transcript of AIESEC as a Business v2

AIESEC as a Business Session Objectives 1. I understand how AIESEC operates as a business (AIESEC's business model)
2. I have challenged my view of AIESEC as an organisation
3. I can communicate AIESEC's business model to others Why is this important? Yes! Yes! AIESEC vs. Apple Product Customers Stakeholders Emlpoyees Money Partner Organisations The Business of AIESEC Mission/Vision Product Organisational Structure Measuring Success What is AIESEC? Way we do it Vision Our Impact Incoming Exchange Program Core Product Four key portfolios make our business work TM ICX OGX Finance Generates revenue and sells traineeships to organisations
Sells exchange opportunities abroad to students in the US Recruit the right people and retain current members Manage and invest financial resources
Ensure proper governance Daily Operations Outgoing Exchange Program A multinational organisation operating in 107 countries AIESEC International: our global headquarters in the Netherlands AIESEC Australia Regional co-ordinators AIESEC United States AIESEC Nigeria Yale Local Committees: the core of our organisation Executive Boards: managing AIESEC's key business functions Volunteers: performing the everyday business of AIESEC What makes a successful LC? 4 things:
1. Send people one exchange
2. Bring people in on exchange
3. Recruit and renew members
4. Run the business Recruit EPs
Match EPs
Prepare EPs for exchange
Support and reintegrate Research, network and call
Attend meetings and create proposale
Match EPs to TNs
Service and re-sign
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