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BUS 14 - Doing Business in China

No description

Richard Kha

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of BUS 14 - Doing Business in China

Beginner's Guide to Doing Business in China
Eye Contact
Small Talks
Business Card
Population: 1.351 billion (2012)

Capital: Beijing

Official language: Standard Mandarin

Major religions: Taoism, Buddhism

Superstitions: Avoid #4!

GDP (nominal): $8.939 trillion

Top companies*: ICBC (banking), PetroChina (oil), China Mobile (telecommunication)

* All state-owned
Exchanging Business Cards
Respect The Business Card
Business Meetings
Dining Etiquette
What Does The Card Consist Of?
Family Style
When to eat
Rules with Chopsticks
Bowls and hands
Seat Arrangement
Tea Serving
Even number of dishes
Business Attire for Women

Ni hao - "Hello"
(literally you good)
Contemporary attire is still very conservative but western business suits are now mainstream
Men's suits must be dark or neutral in color such as navy blue, charcoal grey or black.
Patterned ties are the preferred as opposed to
solid neck ties
Business attire used to consist solely of unisex “Chinese Mao suits”
Business Attire for Men
Bowing is traditional (i.e.
old fashioned) form of
greeting. Reserve for the elderly.
Wearing too much makeup might be frowned upon. Women should keep their make-up as natural looking as possible and avoid wearing nail polish.
Skirts should be a bit below knee-length and blouses with high necklines are appropriate. Revealing clothing should be avoided.
Attire for Chinese businesswomen is also conservative.
Neutral and dark colors such as dark browns, greys and black are appropriate for business suits, skirts, blouses and dresses.
Shake hands, but
be gentle!
Seniors first
Color of Ink To Use
English Or Chinese?

Patrick Pilapil | Richard Kha | Jason Reed
Ku Thao | Fahim Malyar

Hand Gestures While Speaking
Feet & Shoes
* Finger Pointing
Newly-met, high ranking people should be referred to by their family name followed by an honorific.
xiānshēng: "born earlier" or
nǚshì: "female scholar" or Ms.
In business settings, use corporate titles
Ming xiānshēng = Mr. Ming
Huang zhǔguǎn = Director Huang
Bring information beforehand
Have flexible schedules
Never be tardy
Guest of honor sits directly opposite of host
One person speaks
Head gestures
Small talk/greeting
Lunar New Year
Welcome Topics
Topics To Avoid
Scenery & Landmarks
Art & Culture
Communism & Government
* Prasiing Oneself
Thumb Up
Mandarin is the most common language, but there are many different dialects. Be aware!
Learning simple words shows
enthusiasm and respect for the

bú yòng xiè = "You're welcome"

xièxie = "Thank you"
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