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REGIMES for POLARPROG Styremøtet 11.09.17

Project update for the Board @Merkantilen, Marineholmen 11.09.17

Dorothy Dankel

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of REGIMES for POLARPROG Styremøtet 11.09.17


Older respondents
associate climate with
weather & melting ice

Younger respondents
placed emphasis on the
future & personal or social issues
What do you think of when you hear the words "climate change"?
Tvinnereim & Fløttum
Nature Climate Change
the warming climate is rapidly changing Arctic marine ecosystems
Sumaila et al. (2011)
Nature Climate Change

Effects of different types, at different levels
(2016) doi: 10.1126/science.aag2331
Dynamic Bioclimate Envelope Model
Gattuso, Magnan, Billé, Cheung, Howes, Joos, et al. 2015

High school students (N=14)
Retirees (N=5)
Workshop 1
November 2016 (Bergen)

1) How do you think climate change will affect yor daily life (for good and bad) in the future, with a special focus on ocean resources.

2) Draw a cricle around the top 2 effects.

REGIMES Time Capsule
a tool for reflection, continuity, learning
graphic: NYTimes
But who owns the Arctic resources?
3 variables that have biggest effect to make priority issue true
Fundamental services
Demand-driven services
supporting, regulating
social, cultural, provisioning
plausible narratives of the future
Bayesian Belief Networks
mapping cognitive models for reasoning under uncertainty
How do students and retirees think about climate and dependent variables?
Changing Ocean Unit at UBC
Reason to adhere to Paris Agreement
priority issue: Future sustainable food
Our food choices
Food waste
Food transport
Solidarity & cooperation
Alternative food sources
Local food sources
priority issue: Future sustainable food
3 variables that have biggest effect to make priority issue true
How does climate change affect marine ecosystems?
What will the future bring of opportunities and challenges? Scenarios
Management regimes:

Svalbard Treaty
Bi-lateral and multi-lateral agreements
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