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Garrett Lucas

No description

Health 7

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Garrett Lucas

My Hero:
Quality #1: Trustworthy
Quality #2: Responsible
Quality #3: Interesting
My Hero:
Quality #4: Thoughtful
Quality #5: Life Coach
Advice From My Hero
Question #1

What advice can you give me about
making personal decisions in life?
"Do what you know is right and always be kind to other people."
Question #2
What should I do to resist peer pressure?
"Do what I taught you, you know your right ways from your wrong ways. If you know its bad just don't do it."
Question #3

Who is your hero? Why?
"My Daughter or your mom. She was stuck with me threw a nasty divorce and still succeeded . She became a Dental Hygienist, had 2 smart kids, and and managed to go to college all by herself."

My Grandma
I trust my Grandma because I can rely on her. Whenever I ask her to come to my lacrosse game or to pick me up, she was always there.
My Grandma is interesting because of her conversations. When I have a discussion with her, she is specific and makes herself clear with what she says.
My Grandma is thoughtful because of the little things she does for me. She takes me and my sister out for dinner and makes lots of things with us at home.
My Grandma is a life coach because she teaches me lots of knowledgeable things about life. She tells me how to save and spend money the proper way in the future and how to know that you are in a healthy relationship with someone.
Shirley Roberts
My Grandma is responsible because she always keeps things organized. When my Grandpa is at work and I come down to her house its always clean and organized.
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