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California Performance Assessment

No description

Patricia Dickenson

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of California Performance Assessment

What is a Performance Assessment?
Requires an individual to demonstrate the ability to perform specific tasks.
Individuals develop their approaches to the task under specified conditions, knowing that their work will be evaluated according to defined standards.
Assessment that requires candidates to demonstrate through their performance with K-12 students that they have mastered the knowledge, skills and abilities required of a beginning teacher, as exemplified in the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs).
Teaching Performance Assessment
A TPE is a statement describing an integrated set of knowledge, skills, and abilities that is significantly related to the job of a teacher, and that Preliminary Teaching Credential candidates in California should know and be able to do.
Teaching Performance Expectations

An assessment that requires candidates to demonstrate their performance with K-12 students that they have mastered the knowledge, skills and abilities required of a beginning teacher, as exemplified in the TPEs.
The Four CalTPA Tasks
Subject-Specific Pedagogy

Designing Instruction

Assessing Learning

Culminating Teaching Experience
What does it mean to Assess Learning?
You will:
design developmentally-appropriate student assessment activities, based on state-adopted academic content standards for students, that measure student learning.
Learns in depth about two focus students and makes adaptations to the plan based on that information
Analyzes the student assessment outcomes to diagnose student instructional needs; and reflects on the assessment experience.
The candidate is given...
A six-step set of prompts to guide the selection and planning of an assessment, the implementation of the assessment, and an analysis of evidence of student learning collected with the assessment.
What do you submit?
1. Information about a selected content area, subject matter, academic content standards, unit of study, and purpose of the assessment
2. A description of the assessment and evidence of student learning to be collected.
3. A plan for the implementation of the assessment, including teaching strategies, student activities, grouping and materials. 4. Information about class & 2 students.
5. Adaptations to the plan for assessment for the two focus students
6. The assessment, assessment artifacts (directions, answer key, rubric, scoring guide, etc.) and five assessment responses
7. Your analysis of the evidence of student learning and assessment
7. Reflection on assessment implementation and student learning
CalTPA Passing Score
Teacher candidates must achieve a
minimum score of 3 or 4 across each of
the four tasks of the CalTPA.
More complete information is available from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing at http://www.ctc.ca.gov/educator-prep/TPA-files/CandidateHandbook.pdf
In this task, you will:
Select a unit of study and learning goals and plan standards-based, developmentally appropriate student assessment
Make assessment adaptations for two focus students: an English learner and a student with identified special needs
Score, review, and analyze evidence of student learning and reflect on assessment implications of this evidence

Responses should provide evidence of your ability to assess student progress towards the learning goals
Assessing Learning
Culminating Task #4
design a lesson based on state-adopted standards
implement the lesson, meeting the differing needs of individuals within the class and managing instruction
and student interactions. (video of the lesson will be submitted.)
assess student learning
analyze evidence of student learning and
reflect on your instruction
California Teaching
Performance Assessment
What TPE are evaluated?
TPE 3: http://tinyurl.com/zxmzstz
TPE 7: http://tinyurl.com/hrldg7w

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The Reality of Assessment
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