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Hitler as A Child

How was Hitlers childhood effected his dictatorship?

Joie Converse

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Hitler as A Child

prezi by: Alison Arbogast Hitler as a Child How did Hitlers childhood effect his dictatorship? Did you know that Hitlers dad encouraged him to be in the government? Adolf's youth age 5-11 He used to be a kind, soft spoken boy Teenage years 16-18 His grades started getting bad Family and Friends Mother So how did his childhood effect his dictatorship? As a boy he dreamed of growing up to be an artist. He would play cowboy or his favorite- war He would get very good grades The arguments started with his dad He wanted to be an artist He dreamed of being an artist His dad pressured him into government and war Arguments with his dad caused him to stop caring He thought if his dad saw how bad he was doing he could pursue his dreams Dropped out of school at age 16 His favorite history teacher caused him to become more revolutionary He had applied to a prestigious art school. They told him he was wasting his time They told him he was wasting his time The worst moment of all was his mother dying four days before Christmas She was gentle
and was devoted to her family He loved his mother the most out of everybody Gentle Loving Devoted to her family Father Stern Short tempered Often lashed out in rage at family Friends He only had one friend He said that Adolf had always hated anyone who disagreed with him His high school history teacher unintentionally interested him in being revolutionary, So he then ended up revolting against most governments. c He was always at odds with the world, against everybody else He grew up hating every person who disagreed with him His dad pushed him into going into the government
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