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wi-tribe SharePoint Tutorials

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miguel tantay

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of wi-tribe SharePoint Tutorials

* Microsoft SharePoint is a Web application platform developed by Microsoft.

* First launched in 2001.

* SharePoint has a Microsoft Office-like
interface, and it is closely integrated
with the Office suite. SharePoint isn't a program
It's a platform Common Communication Tools
for SharePoint Users Sites Communities Insights Content Search Composites Communities Available sites Enterprise Wiki
A site for publishing knowledge that you can capture and want to share across the enterprise. It provides an easy content editing experience in a single location for co-authoring content, discussion and project management.

Publishing Site with Workflow
A site for publishing Web pages on a schedule by using approval workflows. It includes document and image libraries for storing Web publishing assets. Sites Collaboration SharePoint help you work with other people to manage your team files in a secure way. SharePoint help non-technical players to can make a websites in just a minute without having programming skills. SharePoint has six different areas and these are: Create a Teamsite in a easy way Content Instead of saving your files from your local drive you can dump your data files in SharePoint Server and access it via web portal. Search SharePoint has a smart search engine that will help you find your documents and also help you find people information within your intranet. Insights Documents
Database Business Intelligence SharePoint 2010 includes new capabilities, including rich scorecards, dynamic dashboards, and easy-to-use Chart Web Parts, that give people more flexibility when working with data to make business decisions. Using the SharePoint 2010 Insights capabilities, people can turn raw data into usable reports. They can increase their productivity and make prompt, informed decisions using the familiar, decentralized user interface in SharePoint 2010. They can also interact with data, work with key performance indicators, perform analytics, and create their own data visualizations. Insights PerformancePoint Services Business Intelligence Almost every business intelligence implementation uses scorecards and dashboards. Scorecards are collections of KPIs and objectives that people use to measure multiple performance factors in a business. A dashboard is a group of related objects that help companies quickly understand their performance.

Dashboards can include scorecards, reports, spreadsheets, and diagrams; they may also contain filters that all scorecards and KPIs use to control the context of reports and visualizations. Microsoft PerformancePoint™ Services helps companies view and manage key drivers of the business and tie them to the corporate strategy. Business Intelligence As the name implies, this web part will allow you to add a chart to your SharePoint page and attach to any data that lives in SharePoint which includes image an External List and Excel Services. There is a wizard that walks you through the data connection, and display of your chart so this becomes really easy for users to quickly create dashboards. Chart Web Parts Visio Services People can use Visio 2010 to create sophisticated data visualizations to transform raw data into more dynamic diagrams. They can also use SharePoint 2010 Excel Services in Visio 2010 as a data source when creating visualizations, which allows them to use published spreadsheets, SQL Server database cubes, or SharePoint lists as data sources for Visio 2010 visualizations. People can connect Visio diagrams to other Excel Services Excel 2010 introduces new data visualizations and conditional formatting capabilities, including negative data bars, multiple icon sets, right-aligned data bars, and sparklines. When placed in an Excel cell, sparklines dramatically improve the data visualization for fast comparison. Excel Services in SharePoint 2010 can render these new data visualizations and conditional formatting capabilities when creating or publishing spreadsheets in the browser. Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Overview of the SharePoint
Platform for ASP.NET SharePoint Admin & Developers Tools Visual Studio Pro MS Visio Pro MS Infopath Pro SharePoint Designer Topics: a. What is Microsoft SharePoint
b. What is the System Requirements
c. Overview of current MS SharePoint Infastructure
d. What are the software and Developer tools
e. Difference between SharePoint WSS and MOSS?
f. What are the different areas of MS SharePoint
g. Core Platform Functionality
h. How to create a websites
i. What are the features of SharePoint 2010
j. Overview of the SharePoint Platform for ASP.NET How to create website? To create a website: There are plenty of site templates you must know what you need to avoid future problem.

You must have priviledge as admin

Ensure that you website name is not existing Online Shared Excel Web Application Welcome to Microsoft
SharePoint Tutorials Overview Hard Disk Space
150GB Operating System Storage allocation
You must consider capacity planning ______for your logs and Database Operating System
Windows Server 2008 R2 64Bit
Enterprise, Data Center, Web Server Minimum of 8GB RAM Tier 1
Web/Application Server Tier 2
Database Server wi-tribe
Employee Microsoft SharePoint
Infrastructure HP SAN Storage Server Sites A SharePoint Site is a collection of pages, lists, and libraries configured for the purpose of achieving an express goal. A site may contain sub-sites, and those sites may contain further sub-sites. Lists & libraries Lists and libraries are stored in SharePoint Sites. A List can be thought of as a collection of pieces of information — all of which (typically) have the same properties. This could be considered similar to a database table. Core Platform Functionality Core Platform Functionality Web-parts are sections that can be inserted into Pages in SharePoint sites. Web-parts Pages SharePoint has three primary page content-types: Wiki pages, Web-part pages, and Publishing Pages. Unlike prior versions of SharePoint, the default page type is a 'Wiki Page', which enables free-form editing based on the ribbon toolbar. Backend System How does it works? Thank you

Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS)

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) There are two different Sharepoint
products offered by Microsoft: WSS provides solid capabilities in both Project Management and Document Management. Like WSS, MOSS straddles the Project Management and Document Management categories of networked tools. However, MOSS is much more product than WSS; it is an "enterprise" level product versus a department-level product. MOSS includes MS's former standalone CMS (content management system) product as well as Business Intelligence and Forms (InfoForms) modules and has significantly better search capability than WSS. Both are effective, powerful, and much more capable. The ease with which end-users can create workspaces and configure the functionality can be phenomenally empowering for teams that learn to take advantage of SharePoint capabillities. There are two different Sharepoint
products offered by Microsoft: When ASP.NET developers begin to learn about SharePoint development, they find many familiar concepts. SharePoint is built on top of the ASP.NET framework and uses many ASP.NET features including Web Parts, Web Part zones and master pages, security providers, session state managers, and user controls on ASPX pages. ASP.NET developers can view SharePoint as an extension of a framework that they already know. System Requirements Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Processor 64Bit Four cores
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