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TopCoder Case Study

No description

jiaxin guo

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of TopCoder Case Study

TopCoder Case Study
Business Model
TopCoder Ananlysis
Porter Ananlysis
The client's perspective
The management perspective
Increase marketing through IT conferences and strategic partnership with large clients
Broadcast with more ads
Focus on TopCoderDirect
The Management Perspective
Fully motivate members
Categorize members
Attract more skilled programmers worldwide
Better retaining methods
Business Model Benefits: TopCoder
Develops custom software through crowd sourcing
Competition-based process
Revenue Goal
Competition within Industry
Power of Customers
Power of Supplier
Threat of Substitutes
Threat of New Competitors
Provides software solutions through crowdsourcing
Created online global community
Members compete for cash prizes
Members gain skill rating by other community members
Platform managers determine client needs & oversee projects
Catalog of reusable software elements
Clients pay monthly fee
Catalog elements & contests provide client software solution
No annual salaries for developers & programmers
No cost for member benefits: healthcare, retirement plans, bonuses
No work space or materials for members
Benefit from skills of individuals across the world
Benefit from individuals with up to date technology skills
Business Model Benefits: Community Members
Flexibility: Work from home, choose work hours & number of hours worked
Select projects of interest
No direct boss
No earning cap
Enhance skill set
Build public reputation
TopCoder Analysis: Clients Perspective
TopCoder Analysis: Management Perspective
Intellectual property
Copyright violations
Limited control
Multiple SDLC processes
"Right" level of info
Requirement changes
On-going maintenance

Supply Side
Maintaining the critical mass
Constant motivation
Optimal prize amount
The “latent pool”
Professional members

Porters Competitive Forces

Low: Yes there are other companies that provide software solutions but not in this unique model or with this variety of talent

Low: This is a unique service with top of the line solutions and options
Low: High competition amongst memebers.
Critical Mass of mermbers with specific skillset.

Medium: Other solutions available - Software development company, consultants, inhouse development, COTS application

High: Other companies could use same model and pay more for contest winners to attract talent
The Client's Perspective
Scalability (Supply Side): Moderate
Adequate developer community size – positive

Active participants only 0.5% - negative

Dependent on platform managers - negative

Reusable components library - positive

Scalability (Demand Side): Moderate
Low rate of growth of customer base – negative

High customer satisfaction leading to 82% repeat customers – positive

IP and security concerns for new entrants - negative

Growth Sustainability
Can scale horizontally
Sizable presence with small and medium scale industry
Lacking vertical scalability
Limited presence in large scale industry
Limited domain specific knowledge
Not strong for 10 fold increase of current revenue

Scalability - supply side

Scalability - demand side

Growth sustainability

Porter Analysis
Organizational culture
“big thinkers”
Coherence of components
Demand Side
Platform managers
Penetration to larger markets/ clients
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