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Personal Development Journey

No description

Kory Kidd

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Personal Development Journey

Personal Development: The Journey of Building a Better Relationship
But then we learn about ourselves!!
DiSC- I'm an "i" she is a "CD" ....what does it all mean?!
Conflict Models
No wonder we get along so well....
conflict comes easy to us

Thinking about what I have learned

DiSC Profile: Learn about myself, both areas of opportunities and the strengths that I bring to the table.
Flipping the Switch:"Why do I need to send this again?" vs. "How I can I help this go smoother next time?"
Conflict Happens: Realized at this point I had gone with my natural tendency to avoid conflict and assumed what I needed to change instead of asking Lisa...
In the end I got smart! I put what I learned into action and talked to Lisa!
In the beginning
Friendly and social, no issues with each other and able to work through occasional Payroll issues. Some frustration on my side when duplicate work was required for a payroll issue. (Typically self-induced)
Kory: Enthusiastic, Taking Action, Developing Relationships, Displaying Competency
Leadership as
- Not as a

Building Relationships
Show Appreciation
Collaborate and Listen
Move to Action
Two-Way Communication
Lisa: Direct, strong willed, firm, wanting accuracy the 1st time, number cruncher
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