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on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Animation

Cartoon films began to appear in cinemas at the start of the 20th century they were produced by:
an artist drew picture
then a photo of the picture was taken
the picture was altered slightly
another photo was taken
and so on
Afterwards the photos were shown rapidly one after another to make it seem like the picture was moving.
persistence of vision
The process in which the eye is fooled is called persistence of vision.
your eye 'clicks' on an image
your brain processes the image
your eye 'clicks' on another image
This process happens quickly so your brain thinks it is seeing a moving image. The speed you see an image move is measured in frames per second (fps)your eye will see smooth flow at around 100 fps fewer than that and the animation will become jerky or a serise of still images.
What is animation?
Animation is making letters or word move when using presontational software or making 3D and cartoons move.
All animations are created by using many images each one having a tiny differance than the last one. When they are played rapidly it appears as if the image is moving.
Key frame animation
Key frames
are drawn by an artist. these are useualy what an image looks like at the start and end of a sequence.
The background will probably stay the same.
Other artists, known as
create the drawings to go in- between one key frame and another. The more key frames made the smoother it will look.
flip books and stop motion
The first animations were
flip books
where the drawings on each page were slightly different from the page before. these still widely produced. as you flip the pages the pictures seem to move.
Stop motion
is where a series of photos of a model are taken:
A model is made out of plasticine or clay
A photo of the model is taken
A small change is made to the model
and so on
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