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Transcendentalism in Avatar

No description

Ali Dawn

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Transcendentalism in Avatar

Transcendentalism in Avatar
Spirituality in Nature
Their nature has the ability to teach them lessons. They believed that since nature is alive they can live through it. Nature is not just an object it is a living soul and an organism that needs every part of it to survive and they are apart of it so it needs them to survive as well. The Na'vi look to the trees and nature for guidance and direction. To be at peace with nature, is to be at peace with life.
Spirituality with animals in nature
The Na'vi morn killed animals and when they hunt they say a thankful prayer for the lost life. They are so close with the animals that if they die the animals that they are bonded to die as well. To be able to make the bond with the animal they have to choose you and make the connection.
Unity in the universe
On the planet of the Na'vi, Pandora, all living organisms are connected. The roots of trees are connected to those of neighboring trees and when the Na'vi ride any animals they connect their nerves with the animals so they can sense each others feelings and well being.
Self reliance
When the main character, Jake Sully, rebels against his own race he defends the Na'vi based on his own gut feeling of what is right. He is not motivated by any side specifically but by his understanding of what is good and what is evil. Neytiri defended Jake Sully against her own after they had mated. He took matters into his own hands even though they deemed him as incapable because of his disability, he remained strong and reliable.
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