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Lana Del Rey

No description

Bri Zully

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Lana Del Rey

Age 18:
Signed record contract for $10,000
Moved to trailer park
Album got shelved
Community service at a homeless drug and alcohol rehabilitation
Vogue UK cover
Lana Del Rey
Elizabeth Woolridge Grant
June 21, 1986
Lake Placid, New York

Age 15:
Began performing in night clubs

Jump Rope Queen
Lizzy Grant
Uploaded various tracks to Youtube
20 million views in first 5 months
Signed by Stranger Records
Released single, "Video Games"
Very emotional and cries when performed
Lana writes her own lyrics.
Her music has been noted for its cinematic sound and its references to various aspects of pop culture, particularly that of 1950s and '60s Americana
Based on experiences in New York.
Says her lyrics "Sound like stories."

She has described her unique look - auburn hair in Veronica Lake waves, full lips and permanently artistic talons - as "Gangster Nancy Sinatra" and "Lolita got lost in the hood".

Back Road
Blue skies and sunshine,
Naive to the world
that eventually blurred.

Riding high between-
The lines and swerving
that cylinder glass
that will bring back.

Bring back the sunshine-
The memories-
The times I never felt
the urge to impress-
Feel distressed.

In fact its just numbing-
Not helping-
Just hurting.
Stage Names
Lana's tattoos
The letter "M" for her grandmother Madeline
The word "Paradise" on her left hand
"Trust No One" on her right hand
"Die Young" on right ring finger
Lana has said in interviews she didn't think she would release a 2nd album.

She released her second album "Paradise"
"Lana Del Rey"
because it was beautiful

"reminded [her] of the glamour of the seaside. It sounded gorgeous coming off the tip of the tongue."
“When I was very young I was sort of floored by the fact that my mother and my father and everyone I knew was going to die one day, and myself too. I had a sort of a philosophical crisis. I couldn’t believe that we were mortal. For some reason that knowledge sort of overshadowed my experience. I was unhappy for some time. I got into a lot of trouble. I used to drink a lot. That was a hard time in my life.”
Kent School, a boarding school in
Connecticut for alcohol problems
Fordham University in the Bronx
Philosophy major

She then started writing.
"it bridged the gap between God and science. I was interested in God and how technology could bring us closer to finding out where we came from and why." [18] She said, "that was when my musical experience began. I kind of found people for myself."

Age 20:
"And finding true love is something that really did inspire me, lyrically."

"What would I say? I feel like everything I wanted to say I've already said."
This is What Makes Us Girls
The prettiest in-crowd that you had ever seen
Ribbons in our hair and our eyes gleamed mean
A freshman generation of degenerate beauty queens

And you know something?

They were the only friends I ever had
We got into trouble and when stuff got bad
I got sent away, I was waving on a train platform
Crying 'cause I know I'm never coming back

This is what makes us girls
We all look for heaven and we put love first
Something that we'd die for
It's our curse
Don't cry about it
Don't cry about it

This is what makes us girls
We don't stick together cause we put love first
Don't cry about him
Don't cry about him
It's all gonna happen
Video Games
Beginning of the End
Trying to make sense of it all
while I'm sitting in the backseat of your car.
Drinking a beer with your voice in my ear
telling me everything's alright.

Right here
the pain drowns
with a 6-pack and your whispers.

Right here
The only ones are me and you
waiting for the world to notice us too.

As I'm sitting in the bar wondering
when my life will start
you show up and take me back in time.

A time when
the pain drowned
with a 6-pack and your whispers
and the only person I saw was you.

But the pain is too much
And I sit at this bar wondering when my
life will start until I realize it has already
ended with you.
By: Zully & Bri
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