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Water Pollutant- Dirt- That's right, dirt

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Gene Monahan

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Water Pollutant- Dirt- That's right, dirt

Water Pollutant- Dirt- That's right, dirt
By: Chloe Murray
Fixing our Situation-Solutions
In order to restore our ecosystem,we must do something about it! Take action! Concerned citizens have formed organizations organizing river clean ups.
can start by disturbing the land as least as possible. Farmers have also started using less pesticides and different methods of crop growing. Hay bales and silt fences are being put up by construction workers to trap the dirt from eroding. Lastly, home sites are being designed by developers to leave more natural land open and undisturbed.

We can still save our water and Earth before we have completely destroyed it, by taking action and joining an organization to help fix our water. Thank You!
Chloe Murray

Many Pollutants
Our fresh and salt water streams, lakes, oceans, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, and brooks are getting to the be in a very unnatural state; filled with pollutants! Oil and greases, bacteria, DIRT, nutrients, and pesticides are just some of the water pollutants. But dirt was listed as one of the top water pollutants! We need to fix our situation!
Dirt as a water pollutant?
Dirt is actually a water pollutant! When eroded dirt and clay travel through the streams to the ocean, it pollutes the water by making the water murky and cutting off the 'food', sun supply not allowing the plants to perform photosynthesis. Less than 1% of Earth's water is drinkable, causing us some future drinking water problems if we keep up our terrible actions.
Other Reasons
When the water gets murky, and fish are nearby, the dirt can clog up their gills (lungs) causing them to suffocate. While the water is traveling, it coats baby critters coating them with a layer of muck, erosion. Then, the fish won't have enough food to eat. When the fish die off, we eventually won't have enough fish for food ourselves.
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