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Truth/Subliminal Advertising

A neat presentation of Prezi in 40 steps for architects

Tiffany Vander Werff

on 19 January 2011

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Transcript of Truth/Subliminal Advertising

Is based on the fact that under any circumstances, you store more information in a fraction of a second--and are influenced by it--than you are ever consciously aware of. Social/Cultural & Ethics Variables There's the Truth...then there's Subliminal Advertising What's to come: By: Tiffany, Mike, Tyler and Erik Subliminal Advertising: Ready?..set...GO!! How Does it Work? Background Information Subliminal Advertising How Subliminal advertising works
Background Information
Subliminal Messages in Movies
Subliminal Messages in the Automotive industry
Summary Levels of Awareness Where is a person's threshold Of Consciousness?
Unconscious Awareness
Shifting Levels of Consciousness
Confused yet? Truth in Advertising Tactics used to appeal to the consumer: Appealing to a Desire for Affluence
Exagerating a Products Benefits
Seize your attention-and hold onto it Effecsts of Subliminal Embeds Every detail is there for a reason
Distract or Grab Attention
Sexual Embeds Do You See What I See? Now to Erik... Is it Ethical? There has long been
a controversy over
whether subliminal
messages in
advertising are
ethical... A brief History of Subliminal Advertising In the 1950's James Vicary claims to put split second images in a few movies
1970's Wilson B. Key writes the book "Subliminal Seduction"
1974 the FCC bans subliminal messages from television A little more History 1982 a hearing in the UN claims, "The cultural implications of subliminal indoctrination is a major threat to human rights throughout the world." Recent Studies New Jersey movie theater puts 20 millisecond popcorn and coke ads between previews
The U.S. Army researches subliminal advertising for educational use What Works? After many years of controversial research, emotional images were found the most effective
Even when your brain picks up subliminal messages, the effectiveness depends on how well you remember products when they are available New Legislation In early 1982 the ban on subliminal advertising was modified to allow products to be advertised subliminaly Does Sex sell?... ...Or do we want sex because we are constantly exposed to enticing photos and other media that reminds us of sex... Subliminal Messages
in Movies Background Info: Subliminal messages in movies was discovered by E.W. Scripture in 1897 but was not publicized until 1957.

Subliminal messages work directly on the unconscious, the reactive or automatic part of the brain.
Fear of this practice becoming a brainwashing tool caused it to be banned in 1970 by the US Federal Communications Commission Hidden Subliminal Message Examples: 1. Hidden messages like those found in The Lion King, Aladdin and other Disney movies, or regular movies. 2. Subliminal advertising in movies AKA product placement – used to subconsciously embed products into people’s mind and relate them to glamour or sex or being “cool” The Automotive Industry The BMW 3 Series…
it can save your life. Saying it how it is… or was. Chevrolet.. Slipping into a new truck is like slipping into a new... To Sum Things Up... Now to Mike Now to Tyler A subliminal message is the act of conveying a message directly to the subconscious mind…below the threshold of conscious awareness.
There are many ways that subliminal messages can be accomplished, including printed pictures, words, and recorded movie pictures with sound.
It's not just our conscious thinking, but also our subconscious thinking that often holds the key to our lives.
Most people still believe that their lives are the way they are because of outside factors like background, environment, education, family, economy, fate or luck. However, it is not these outside circumstances that ultimately determine our lives that make the difference between happiness and success on one hand, or frustration and failure on the other hand.
It is actually the beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors held at the deepest levels of your mind, as well as your conscious thoughts that make your life what it is today.

Think about this! Outside influences are not the most important thing preventing you from accomplishing your goals. Your own thoughts are. Our lives are often what our thoughts make them. It's our thinking that makes our lives what they are. Thinking. We are all a product of our own thinking.
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