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Human <--> Alien

No description

Yuan Zhuji

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Human <--> Alien

Human <--> Alien
Is There A Relationship Between Alien Life and Human Being?
In today's world, alien movie becomes part of our live. 'Third kind' contact become more and more common. Is it true that there are somebody watching us from somewhere?
Alien Abduction
Betty Andreasson claims she was abducted by aliens and taken onto a spaceship on a January night in 1957
The story of Bermuda starts since 1836. Is there a possibility that Bermuda is created by Alien?
How could the Egyptians possibly have built their pyramid facing the exact magnetic North Pole without even having a compass?
The existence of second 'Bermuda' ?
Unbelievable, the pyramid is lined up exactly with the magnetic North Pole, a difference of only 16 minutes, or some absurdly small number like that (there are 60 minutes in one degree)
How could Britons thousands of years ago have moved the large stones from the Preseli Hills of Wales, which is 220 kilometers away from where they stand now in Salisbury?
Not every piece of 'third kind' contact are true. There are cases that people use unreliable information to gain public's attention.
Case 1: 'Night Visitors'
Wiesbaden,Germany (April, 1950)
Cologne, Germany (April 1, 1950)
Connections Between Aliens and Human Beings
The Connections between Famous People and Alien
Like many abduction stories, Betty's account involves aliens who were able to communicate via telepathy and who subjected her to some form of test.
Case 2:‘The Alien Autopsy
Present by:
Yuan Zhuji

Leonardo da Vinci, the truth.
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