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CRCT Road Trip Day 1

No description

Rachel Bonner

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of CRCT Road Trip Day 1

Road Trip Advice List at least 4 things Jamie suggests we do to prepare for a Road Trip.

Relate each thing on your list to our preparation for CRCT. What do you need to do in
order to be prepared for a road trip? What cities in Georgia
have you visited? Warm-up Complete your warm-up. Destination #1 Where do you think we will start our road trip? Day One CRCT Road Trip Hints:
It was briefly named Marthasville from 1843-1844 It is home to the worlds largest 10k race, with 45,000 runners annually. It has more shopping center space per person than any city other than Chicago. It has the busiest airport in the world. The Georgia Aquarium Question 1 1. If the container that UPS created to transport the whale shark was 12.65 meters long, 7 meters wide, and 6.5 meters tall, how much material was needed to build the rectangular prism? *Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. 2. The Ocean Voyager Exhibit at the aquarium holds the habitat for the whale sharks. If the tank is 284 ft long by 126 ft wide by 30 ft deep, how much water will the tank hold? Question 3 3. The sea otters live in a circular tank with a diameter of 13 feet. For exercise, they like to chase each other while swimming laps around the outside wall of the circular tank. If "Oz" swam 2.5 laps, how far did he swim? 4. You bought a poster from the souvenir shop to hang in the RV. The poster is 24 inches long and has an area of 360 square inches. How tall is the poster? Question 5 For lunch you grab a turkey sandwich from the food court. Your sandwich was cut in half and placed in a cardboard box shaped like a triangular prism. How much material was needed to create the box? 5.5 in 3.75 in 7.8 in 6.1 in 6. The Ocean Voyager Exhibit at the aquarium holds the habitat for the whale sharks. If the tank is 284 ft long by 126 ft wide by 30 ft deep, how much glass was needed to create the tank? (Remember, the top is open and the bottom is not made of glass) 30 ft 284 ft 126 ft 432.55 m 2 1,073,520 ft 3 102.05 ft 15 inches 106.3 in 2 * Now find the volume! 62.91 in 3 round to the nearest hundredth! 24,600 ft 2
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