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Emergence and the School Team

No description

paulette alcox

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Emergence and the School Team

Article Investigation
What is
How might this concept impact the decisions school leaders make?
Let's get moving!
In a group of 2-4, creatively represent a shared understanding of
creative movement
poster/ image
spoken word
You have 3 minutes!
How might this be a metaphor for building instructional capacity with a teaching staff?
In nature, change never happens as a result of top-down, preconceived plans, or from the mandate of any single individual or boss. Change begins as local actions spring up simultaneously in many different areas. If these changes remain disconnected, nothing happens....However, when they become connected, [they] can emerge as a powerful system with influence at a comprehensive level.
Wheatley and Frieze, 2007

what is student voice telling us?
what is student achievement data showing us?
what is teacher inquiry telling us?
what is system data telling us?
What is our next best practice?

Liberty Middle School
Cedar Bridge Middle School
What was working?
What was missing?
How does emergence fit in this scenario?
What was the role of the administrator?
create a learning focus
create the right structures
create the right conditions
create the right expectations
create the right teams
setting directions
building relationships/
developing people
developing the organization
improving the instructional program
securing accountability
by Ann Jaquith, E.L., 2013
Instructional Capacity:
How To Build It Right
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