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No description

Martina Rodriguez

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Superhero

martina rodriguez
The sun is decaying. The terrestrial world is seizing to exist, leaving the underwater realm the only thriving place, for now. Quick to look for answers, humans are attempting to create underwater cities to survive, killing many underwater life forms in the process. The only things that can save everyone are the Amaranthine Sisters: Cerise and Cerulean.

The sisters were once scuba divers, mutated by having been caught in the fallout zone of an unscheduled atomic explosion. The radioactive elements gave them their bright colors, powers, and ability to breathe both above and underwater. Working at different spectrums of light, Cerise has negative energies that allow her to create force fields that she can use to protect animals and plants from harmful enemies. Cerulean has positive energies that allowing her to control the direction and intensity of light. Their opposing energies repel the sisters to one another. Their only means of communication is through animals and color.

When they connect their powers together, they can create a layer of glass as hard as diamonds over the ocean to protect the water world from the decaying terrestrial world. Simultaneously, the glass refracts the decaying sun’s light into the terrestrial world allowing color, life, and hope to exist again. This is called Amaranthine, where their name is derived.

However, the trapped sunlight underwater can only exist for a moon’s full cycle. The glass cannot remain forever, for they would jeopardize the life of the underwater world as well as their own lives. They can only perform Amaranthine every few years, for amount of power that needs to be stored is immense.

During Amaranthine, the world is drowned in non-stop sunlight. Subsequently, each time they perform it the sun gets exponentially weaker. Within this month, the sisters have to try and reignite the sun. Cerise remains underwater to seal cracks in the glass. Cerulean remains in the human world, directing as much light as she can toward the sun. They have no ways of communication with each other until the new moon arrives and the world goes dark.

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