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How the internet is making it possible for americans with/wi

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Cathryn Jones

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of How the internet is making it possible for americans with/wi

Americans without disabilities using the internet to extend their personal abilities
Some devices that help the disabled extend their personal abilities are, alternate keyboards, electric painting devices,wands and sticks, joysticks, trackballs, and touch screens.
Also, with the disabled...
People who can't use a mouse can use voice recognition software or eye tracking software.
One of the major advances in helping the disabled is the use of adaptive technology. Adaptive technology can be described as any hardware of software used to provide alternate methods of input and output.
The internet has revealed the plasticity of the human brain and also shows that our habits can actually change our brain structures.
How the internet is making it possible for americans with/without disabilities to extend their personal abilities.
Americans have used the internet to create some of the worlds largest businesses. Such as social-networking and e-commerce.
People who buy stocks in big website companies(Google, Facebook,ect..)can learn the system of stocks to further extend their own knowledge.
People With Disabilities
State and local government provided qualified individuals with disabilities equal access to programs, services,and activities unless it would alter the programs, services, or activities.
Individuals with limited movement, tools like mouth sticks or head bands may be useful.

This website was helpful in finding how the disabled can use computers efficiently.

Website not helpful with what we needed with it
The dependence of technology can change the way we think.Also, the internet can help us become richer in knowledge to further our education.
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