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Angent Orange

No description

Jennifer Bussiere

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Angent Orange

Agent Orange! What is This? Agent Orange was a mixture of chemicals that were used in the Vietnam War. It was sprayed from helicopters and planes, and hurt many people. When Did it Start? It started when the war did, from about 1962-1971. How Many People Served? About 3,403,100 people served in the U.S.A. military, 1.5 million people served during the heaviest spraying. The heaviest spraying was from 1917-1969. Roughly over 3 million 300 thousand survived. How Did it Get its Name? Agent Orange got its name from the orange stripe on its barrel. Who Was Exposed the Most? The people that flew the planes and helicopters were exposed the most to the chemicals. What Happens in The Future? Later on in life the people who served in the war that were exposed to the chemicals could get Cancer. Thanks For Watching!!!:)
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