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Oral Health Education Programs In Schools

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Maria AlKhamis

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of Oral Health Education Programs In Schools

Oral Health Education Programs In Schools
What to Teach?
Oral Health Education Program
It is a
not a

Dental caries
is considered as one of
the most prevalent
infectious diseases in the world.

1- Dental Caries Prevention:
2- Preventing Gingivitis:
Dr.Maria AlKhamis, BDS.
Students our
Great Goal
A strong supportive network among students, parents, and teachers promotes program
Dental caries is a major public health problem among schoolchildren in Saudi Arabia.They are the main cause of
tooth mortality
presentation of dental emergencies
tooth extraction
in this group.
(Gandeh et al, 200)

Prevalence of Caries in Saudi Arabia
Most studies showed less than 25% of the children were caries free.
A study by
Al-Dosari et al
in 2000 found also that the proportion of caries-free children
with increasing age in both male and female groups.
The results indicated a
for oral health promotion and preventive program for children
aged 6 - 8 years old.
Many oral health problems are
and their early onset
Who is Responsible for teaching Oral Health?
Many teachers believe it is the responsibility of parents and health educators.
Dentists, dental hygienists and students of each provider group should play major role in school health programs.

Even with highly motivated and educated adults ( teachers and Parents), their

about oral health is often
Educational Principles
Approaches for
Health Education
Health education must be an
Integral Part
of any preventive or restorative service or regulation to a health program.
Educational materials can be used effectively to
gain attention
on specific topics and to reinforce or clarify a procedure.
Education materials should be
and consistent with current
scientific knowledge
Educational materials must be appropriately
designed for specific ages
and level of literacy for whom they are designed.
Interactive teaching in which there is
active participation
and involvement on the part of learners is essential for all age groups and content areas.
One-to-one communication.
Group presentations.

Use of mass communication.
Community Organizational
Dental caries is an infectious disease with a
multifactor etiology.
The disease can be

and how to do so.
The appropriate use of
pit-and-fissure sealants
The role of diet and nutrition.
Removal plaque using toothbrush and dental floss.
Fluoride dentifrice.
* Not providing toothbrush and toothpaste for the students may send very poor messages.
3- Oral Cancer Prevention and Early Detection:
risk factors
for and
signs and symptoms
of oral cancers.
The Oral Cancer Examination.
How to look in their own mouths for abnormal lesions.
Tobacco avoidance and cessation.
Thank You
Primary Preventive Dentistry , 6th Ed, Chapter 19 by Alice M. Horowitz & Norman O. Harris.

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Health-Promoting Schools: An Opportunity for Oral Health Promotion".
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M.B.S. Gandeh and W.A. Milaat
, 2000.
"Dental caries among schoolchildren: report of a health education campaign in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia".
Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal.
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