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GLBT Students

No description

Raymond Hebert

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of GLBT Students

GLBT STUDENTS Goals for Today Discuss the importance of the RA role for GLBT students.
Discuss what resources are available to students at Drexel.
Understand the stages of identity development of GLBT students. Some Ground rules Be open-minded and thoughtful.
Use "I" statements.
Don't feel the need to remind people to use "I" statements.
Show respect to your colleagues by minimizing distractions (Facebooking) and allowing someone to share their opinions.
The goal is not to agree, it is for everyone to walk away with a deeper understanding of the GLBT student experience. TOLERANCE Accepting that one is probably gay or lesbian
Greater tolerance of being gay or lesbian
Partial relief because now can acknowledge their emotional and relational needs
Seeking out gay and lesbian community and role-models
Getting more support from others
Greater self-esteem ConfusION Having questions about whether one is gay
If same-sex attraction occurred, explaining it away
Internal conflict about whether one is gay
May have attitudes that being homosexual is incorrect and undesirable, correct but undesirable, or correct and acceptable COMPARISON Accepting possibility that one may be gay
Significant decrease in confusion
Initial commitment to gay or lesbian self-image
May experience isolation and alienation from others
Developing identity as a gay or lesbian person rather than straight
Awareness of loss of heterosexual privileges
May still choose to pass as straight aCCEPTANCE Greater contacts with other gay and lesbian people
Having more “normalizing” experiences of homosexuality
Seeing gay community in opposition to straight
Choosing to pass or selectively disclose PRIDE Accepting and preferring being gay or lesbian
Greater immersion into gay and lesbian subculture
“Them versus us”
Anger and frustration with homophobic and heterosexist attitudes
Disclosures are more common sYNTHESIS Dichotomy of “them vs. us” is let go
Selective contact with allies and supportive heterosexuals
Synthesize public and private aspects of self
Peace with oneself – free to attend to all other aspects of life Vivienne Cass Early theories focused on the "cause" in order to find a "cure." ("Nature vs. Nurture")
In the 1970's a shift was made to discovering the process of identity development...enter Cass...
Theory is based on her clinical work with gays and lesbians in Australia.
Addresses both psychological (internal) and social (external) aspects of GLB identity development.
1979; revised and updated in ‘83, ‘84, & ‘90
In 1984, added "Pre-stage" which identified a persons complete lack of awareness of GLB identity Clinical Psychologist THEN... And Now... "Coming Out" What is your role and responsibilities to GLBT Students? Gay Identity Development @ DREXEL HOME ^ DISCUSS Which competencies come into play when working with GLBT students? Why are RAs important to GLBT students? Your grandparents Your parents Generation Y Self Awareness and Acknowledgment Telling others Reaching out to GLBT Community Forming Healthy Relationships Self-Acceptance
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