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8.02_Slicing Project_123D Make

No description

Jonathan Rothman

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of 8.02_Slicing Project_123D Make

Modeling with Slices
Learning Objective:
You will be creating a prototype using stacked slice method

Essential Question:
How can we use stacked slice method to help us visualize a design?
Do Now:
Last Thursday, we created a model from slicing. Below is one of those models. What do you think prevented our model from being more realistic?
123D Make
Today's work:
Complete the stacked slice cut out sheets.
Export your file as a PDF, save as <Name> Car_slicedPDF_r1_vA and submit it through our website.
Stacked Slice Model: Prototyping a Car
Project Brief
Open 123D Make in application
Import car design file in the Open Example Shape tab
Choose Stacked slices from the construction technique menu
Select custom size for Manufacturing setting
- set your board to be 11” x 17” & thickness to be 1/16”(0.0625)
Discuss within your group which axis to slice the car is the best.
Select blue arrow and orientate Slice Directio
Once you have complete all the setting click Get plans. Export pdf
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