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2010-04-29 thesis present in NTU

presentation in semina

Howie Chen

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of 2010-04-29 thesis present in NTU

Problem statement Analytical solution of ground vibration induced by underground moving trains Where we started... Evan Huck Network VS Community are networks made up of communities? trust? People you just know Shared interest ? Strong ties VS weak ties more repeated interactions? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Fuzzy Well defined There are a lot of very precise, measurable terms that define networks there are many definitions that are not right Source... Discussion it is difficult to define what it is and the definition seems to stretch and morph as context, means of communication, location, relationships, etc. change
[10/13/09 4:04:41 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": As social change happens the definition of "community" changes with it a community whose community section is anti-social and anonymous and yet they consider themselves a "community" Ground Vibration Induced by Underground Moving trains
with Random Irregularities of Rail Surface Journalism information comes to you - you don't need to seek out What happens to? www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/epic http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2009/oct/13/elinor-ostrom-nobel-prize-economics Virtual community and real life Survey Video Prezi
http://prezi.com/-uzujrkr3z9b Before we begin...
[10/13/09 4:40:13 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": a quick survey
[10/13/09 4:40:19 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": so open up your laptops
[10/13/09 4:40:22 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": and start paying attention
[10/13/09 4:47:42 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": Multi-tasking was probably originally coined for computer
[10/13/09 4:47:53 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": 's that parallel process
[10/13/09 4:48:10 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": If you do so many things at once you can't have a deep understanding of these things
[10/13/09 4:48:30 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": with increasing technology comes an expectation of increasing speed
[10/13/09 4:49:44 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": what does it mean that the US has the most cars with automatic transmissions per capita?
[10/13/09 4:49:57 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": why don't European cars have cup holders?
[10/13/09 4:50:27 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": at 200 MPH things happen pretty fast.
[10/13/09 4:50:43 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": why doesn't my $$MILLION$$ dollar car have a radio?
[10/13/09 4:51:28 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": social tools degrade our capacity to learn. reduces our capacity to learn the material
[10/13/09 4:52:37 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": multi-tasking is only one area
[10/13/09 4:52:46 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": What about Real vs. Virtual? what are the rules in virtual space?
[10/13/09 4:53:32 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": in real "meat" space the rules are clear and the social expectations have been established and accepted
[10/13/09 4:53:45 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": in the virtual world this isn't really the case
[10/13/09 4:54:15 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": can your digital footprints be misused or even used against you?
[10/13/09 4:54:31 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": Potential employers checking your Facebook
[10/13/09 4:54:48 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": Can this be turned around and used to your ADVANTAGE?
[10/13/09 4:55:01 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": do we have less or more personal freedom?
[10/13/09 4:55:12 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": 24 hour access.
[10/13/09 4:55:16 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": is it too much?
[10/13/09 4:55:31 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": when you disconnect yourself from the network, are you really ALONE?
[10/13/09 4:55:59 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": is this disconnecting from your virtual self and plugging into your real self?
[10/13/09 4:56:14 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": If you lose your cell phone is your entire life down the drain?
[10/13/09 4:56:24 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": (or do you just need to learn to back things up?)
[10/13/09 4:57:52 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": Are things really that much more complicated nowadays?
[10/13/09 4:58:04 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": Howard - the answer's yes. Cell phone, lap top, netbook - new freedom or VERRRRYYYY LOOOOONNNNGGGG LEASH? ever log into your mail and feel disappointed because there's NOTHING NEW THERE?
[10/13/09 5:01:19 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": why do we care?
[10/13/09 5:01:21 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": validation
[10/13/09 5:01:24 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": stimulation
[10/13/09 5:01:26 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": attention
[10/13/09 5:01:29 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": it says:
[10/13/09 5:01:32 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": you are here
[10/13/09 5:01:34 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": you matter
[10/13/09 5:01:37 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": someone cares
[10/13/09 5:01:51 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": is there anyone that never gets any email?
[10/13/09 5:02:01 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": what does this say about him or her?
Deepak Chopra on Twitter
[10/13/09 5:03:02 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": is this an oxymoron?
We tweet, therefor we are also determined by external variables
[10/13/09 5:14:28 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": $650,000,000 in lost productivity due to all these technologies
[10/13/09 5:14:44 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": are we getting more done, faster?
[10/13/09 5:14:51 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": some would say NO
[10/13/09 5:15:13 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": do you fiddle with your computer's settings before you work on something>
we all waste an enormous amount of time but we still do things that we couldn't do before Simple Analytical solution and
Numerical Simulation tops... Whiteboard session Questions (4chan and /b/) Field Measurement 地下列車在考慮隨機軌道粗糙度下引致之地表振動
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