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No description

Liam Rae

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Injustice

Keeping the minimum working age at sixteen is an injustice because... Poor families need more income!
Their children would be glad to help... Companies need more workers for lower positions. A great way to earn your money at a young age! I am capable! so are thousands of other fourteen and fifteen year olds. We are responsible, but we cant work. Minimum working age should be fourteen. Just look at this family. They could use another income, couldnt they? Im sure they could, see the chart. (blogspot.com) This chart shows the
percentages of poor
workers by age. Being
illegal to work at 14/15,
there is nothing. But
seeing how much 16-19
year olds work, 14 and 15
year olds could make a huge
difference in there famililies
by having jobs.
(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) But fourteen and fifteen year olds can't work. They practically need to, and it is only fair. Which is why it is an injustice. Four percent of the U.S. populatiopn is 14 or 15. That would be a significant increase in workers. My plan of action is to form a petition, allowing 14 and 15 year olds to work. Once I gather all the signatures from my neighborhood, I will have my friends do their neighborhoods. Once I have all the names I can gather, I will pass the petition up to a local representative and have him or her see what they can do. The only side effect is that the skill of some workers would be in question. This would simply require employers to have internships, tests and trials to see who they should hire. Not only is this system more fair, but the harder workers get noticed. Another plus, with the economy how it is, more lower positions should be taken by people who don't need much benefit. Young teenagers would be perfect for these positions. In short, It is only fair and just to have the minimum working age at 14. It would make harder workers, more willing workers and opportunities for poor families to get a little boost in their family income.
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