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Running Injuries

No description

kelsey mcgill

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of Running Injuries

Running Injuries Why did I pick this? Why be Concerned? I run cross country. Because most can be prevented. Different Types... Achilles Tendon Strain Loss of strength
Cracking sound
inflamation Signs Causes Overuse
Starting a Sprint
Jumping Ankle Strain Signs Pain when moving
Calcification Causes Prolonged use
single episode
force applied to muscle or tendons Foot Strain Signs Pain when moving
Inflamation Causes Quick starts
Sudden Stops Pulled Hamstring Shin Splints Stress Fractures Preventions Avoid "Terrible Too's" Treat Your Feet Right Find the Right Surface Stay Loose Make sure you are ready to return Running too much too soon. Have good shoes that are fit for your feet and running style Avoid Concrete Get on a regular stretching program System of Body Related to... Skeletal Muscle History More informed
Men and Women
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