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Liar (Carol Ann Duffy) Analysis

No description

Jacob Tucker

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Liar (Carol Ann Duffy) Analysis

Carol Ann Duffy
She made things up: for example,
that she was really
A man
. After she’d taken off her
cotton floral
she was him alright,
in her head
Dressed in that heavy herringbone from Oxfam.
He was called Susan actually.
The eyes in the mirror
Knew that,
but she could stare them out
Creates suspense
Clearly female
Stanza 1
Therefore clearly lying
Delusional and
So crazy she can convince
herself that her lies are true
Of course
, a job; of
, a humdrum city flat;
Of course
, the usual friends. Lover? Sometimes.
She lived like you do, a dozen
slack rope-ends
In each dream hand,
tugging uselessly on memory
Or hope.
. She told stories.
I lived
In Moscow once…I nearly drowned...Rotten
"Of course" repeated
Clearly leads a mundane, boring,
ordinary life.
Stanza 2
Loose relationships with
Can't tell the difference between the truth and her lies
Reiterates fact that she is an compulsive liar
Increasing insanity
Lightning struck me and I’m here to tell…Liar
falsehood, fiction, fin
pebbles tossed
At the evening’s flat pool;
her bright eyes
Fixed on the ripples
No one believed her
Our secret films are private affairs, watched
Behind the eyes.
She spoke in subtitles
Not on
Lies as casual as throwing
pebbles into water
More of being a compulsive liar
She loves to watch the
consequences of her
Neglected by everyone
Not living in reality
Almost "Sub-reality"
Stanza 3
Stanza 4
From bad to worse
. The ambulance whinged all the way
To the park where
she played with the stolen child
Know the rest
The man in the long white wig
Who found her sadly confused.
The top psychiatrist
Who studied her in gaol, then went back home and did
What he does every night to the Princess of Wales
The lies became increasingly
out of control
Now has stolen a child
thinking its hers
Her lies are now
predictable and
Has been taken to
Even the "top psychiatrist" makes up little fantasies
in his head.
Darker connotations
Her lies gradually got worse and worse
"she was really a man"
"I nearly drowned"
"Lightning struck me"
"she played with a stolen child
But, really, we are all liars
even the "top psychiatrist"
There is a blurry line between insanity and making up stories in our heads
Is this woman really that crazy after all?
Thanks for listening
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