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The way we are

No description

carlos bravo

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of The way we are

How to.....
someone you really admire
adverbs vs adjectives
regular and irregular adverbs
Grammar Manner adverbs vs. adjectives
patient patiently
careful carefully
easy easily
automatic automatically
Name: Carlos Bravo
Teacher: Hellen Mills
The way we are
Unit 1
people in a hurry?
verb +manner adverb
be, feel, get, etc + adjective
regular-ly adverbs
Irregular adverbs
good well
late late
fast fast
hard hard
use manner adverbs and adjectives to talk about people`s behavior and personality

add prefixes to adjectives to make opposites
use always with a continous verb to describe individual habits
use least to point ou the positive side of a situation.
you need to slow down
when I have a difficult exam...
I study slowly in class.
i wait patienly in class.
when I travel to USA....
I have my passaport in my folder
I`m 2 hours before flight
I eat
in the university
we don`t play
she writes
bobby is a loud dog
Jacob is not a pacient person
she`s bad student
her food is terrible
I feel in love with her
the most common-ly manner adverbs are: quickly,easily, automatically, slowly, properly, badly, strongly and carefully
personality and character
who is someone you really admire
I think my parents because they work all time and and give me everything
she is a pretty girl
he`s a really good studet
she´s not winner at all
she's totally disaster.
adjective prefixes
patient impatient
considerate inconsiderate
friendly unfriendly
reliable unreliable
honest dishonest
organized disorganized
people use really and pretty much more often in conversation than in writing
strategy plus

at least
you can use the expresion AT LEAST to point out positive side of a situacion
well, at least she study in the night
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