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So B. it

No description

Laura Cody

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of So B. it

Heidi It, Mama (So B. It), Bernadette (Bernie), Elliot, Thurman Hill, Ruby Franklin, Daine DeMuth, Georgia Sweet, Alice Wilinsky, and Zander.
So B. it
It is the main character of the story.
Mama (So B. It) (Sophia Demuth)
is Heidi's mom, she has a mental disorder.
is Heidi's neighbor, she has agoraphobia.
is Heidi's dad and Sophia's best friend.
Thurman Hill
is Heidi's grandpa.

Ruby Franklin
is a peson who helps Heidi.
Roy Franklin
is is Ruby Fraklin's husband.
Daine DeMuth
is Heidi's grandma but she past away before Heidi ever met her.
Georgia Sweet
is an 18 year old who wants to go to collage, who joins Heidi for part of her bus trip.
Alice Wilinsky
is the first person e meets on her way to New York.
is Heidi's friend who lives down stairs in there apartment.
Heidi It is a twelve year old who lives in Reno Nevada with he mentally-disabled mother (So B. It) and neighbor (Bernadette, Bernie, or Dette). Heidi's mother only knows 23 words including the one that no one knows "Soof.". Bernadette has agoraphobia so she is to scared to go out of the house.
When Heidi finds a key to the desk drawer she finds a camera with pictures of her mom at a Christmas party in Liberty, New York a long time a go. Heidi wants to go to Liberty and find more about her family and to find out what the word "Soof' means.
On her way she meets several people, Alice Wilinsky and Georgia Sweet.
she found a cab and she needed a ride to the hilltop home. Heidi doesn't have any money but the cab driver said that if she guesses the right amount of jelly beans in the jar she can go any where for free, she uses her lucky streak
and guesses it right. When she is at the hilltop home a man(Elliot) looks at her, smiles and calls her "Soof" another man (Thurman) walks out the door and does not invite her inside. Ruby Franklin lets Heidi into her house and Ruby and her husband (Roy Franklin) investigate Heidi's family.
Later Heidi discovers that Elliot is also mentally disabled and that he is her father, That Thurman Hill is her grand father, her real last name is DeMuth and that "Soof" was short for Sophia (her mothers real name) .
At the end of the book Mama dies but every one has their happy endings. Ruby has a baby girl,Thurman gets to meet Heidi, and Heidi gets to go home with Bernie.
I like this book because it is exiting and i liked all of the characters.
Recommendations: I recommendation this book for grades five through eight.

book by:
Sarah Weeks
Prezi by:
genre: this book is realistic fiction
Cliff Hanging
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