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The Purge

No description

Heaven Holland

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of The Purge

This is an abandoned prison that was made into a year round Halloween-like attraction. There is a $100 admission and paperwork to sign to attend the prison and when you arrive at the exit you recieve a complete refund in which no one has ever received.
Play No Games Arcade
This is an arcade including games like all the versions of Grand Theft Auto ever made, Call of Duty, 2k17, and Madden.
The Erebus: A Life or Death Situation
What's da Moves Movie Theatre
Sit back and relax, watching all the hood movies of the 90's from Poetic justice to school daze. the most famous movie
the purge

plays all day in 5d (so you can actually feel the pain of the victims). watch your purse, wallet, and other valuable belongings because we are not responsible for any missing or stolen items. in the past, we have had shoot-outs and hostages so attend at your own risk.
Purge Park
Heaven Holland
Avion Duncan
Courtney McCullum

The Death Drop
The tallest and fastest roller-coaster on Earth, since there are no rules or government to prevent injuries or even death, ride at your own risk.
Biggest hunted house in America. If you make it out you get your money back but if you Don't, you beat bro !
We Apologize for any inconvenience, but we currently do not have any food because these fools stole it !!!!!
Bloody Mary's Shop
Come on Out and stock up on all the souvenirs that you might need to use while you're at purge park. the shop supplies guns, drugs, liquor, and there is no I.d or license needed.
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