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Helen Keller hobbies

No description

emily smith

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Helen Keller hobbies

Helen Keller hobbies
Name of her hobbies
Helen Keller liked canoeing because of the moonlight nights. Helen Keller liked it because of the smell of the pines outside at night. She also would spend time with her dog in free time. Her favorite hobby was sailing. Helen Keller loved to touch the ocean. She learned to row when she was little also she learned to swim.
By:Emily Gaona
Helen Keller enjoyed sailing,boating
,swimming,canoeing,rowing,climbing trees,and horse back riding.
Helen Keller
She couldn't have done this without her teacher Anne Sullivan.Anne Sullivan is the one who taught Helen keller to horse-back ride and swim when she was little.
She would take her friends rowing when they came to visit her. It would be hard because of her disability. So someone would sit at the rudder while she rowed. Sometimes she would go rowing with out the rudder so she wouldn't need some help.
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