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Live Agency

Introducing Target Circle

Laura C

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Live Agency

LIVE Agency is a full service event agency specializing in innovative Event Technology.
We help brands and businesses achieve their event goals through the right combination of technology and event management expertise.
We specialize in Event Technology
Event Tech
Audio Visual
Registration System
Motion Graphics
Projection Mapping
Video Production
Web Casting
Event Websites
and Apps
Event Management
Our in-house Audio Visual company specializes in complete AV productions including LED screens, projection, lighting and audio systems.
Stage & Lighting Design
Led by our creative and technical directors our design team conceptualize and design unique stage sets and innovative truss, rigging and lighting systems.
Motion Graphics
Our creative director and inhouse motion graphics artist create unique video content for large format LED screens, projections or any video applications to enhance and take your event to the next level.
Projection Mapping
Our motion graphics artist, creative and technical teams combine to produce world class projection mapping projects.
Video Production
Our video production house create professional event videos and optimize for use online.
Web Casting
Our webcast solutions allow you to connect and interact instantly with a virtual audience live andon demand using the most reliable video streaming platform.
Event Management Software
We have partnered with the worlds best developers to create the all-in-one branded event management software solution
Event Websites & Apps
Our Web and App solutions provide innovative and affordable event technology solutions.
Registration and Database Services
From eDMblasts, ticketing and pre-event and onsite registration services our registration and database solutions fulfill every requirement of the modern event.
Holistic Event Tech Solutions
We cover every element of event organization and management with our suite of innovative event technology solutions.
Additional Services
We also offer full event management services including destination management specializing in incentive travel and overseas events.
Let’s make history together!
Let us help you navigate through the latest event technology and solutions.
Audio Visual
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