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University Auxiliary Services Overview

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Transcript of University Auxiliary Services Overview

UAS is a
nonprofit organization
that works to improve campus life
by offering
quality services
every day
UAS Partners
UAlbany Dining - Sodexo
University Bookstore - Barnes & Noble
Banking - SEFCU
Vending - Coca-Cola, Prestige and New Leaf
Moving/Storage - Don's and Collegeboxes
Linens/Dorm Decor - Residence Hall Linens
MicroFridge - Refrigerator Leasing Company
Laundry Services & Laundry View - CSC Service Works
Floral Services - Frank Gallo & Son Florist
Property Insurance - HF & C
Car Sharing - Zipcar
UAlbany Dining
UAlbany Dining
provides diverse dining options for the campus community, including 19 retail dining locations, three traditional all-you-care to eat resident dining rooms at State, Indian and Colonial Quads and Food on Demand at Alumni Quad.
Our efforts are guided by fundamental commitments to professional integrity, clear and complete communications, a spirit of responsiveness to our customers, and
proactive management.

Board of Directors
The UAS Board of Directors is made up of faculty, staff, student and alumni members of the University community.

The Board of Directors meets regularly throughout the academic school year to discuss and set policies relating to the overall operation of UAS.
by Sodexo
Resident Dining
Retail Dining
Retail Dining
19 locations on campus!
Beverage and snack vending
Local and healthy options available
Cash, credit & all UAlbany ID Card accounts accepted
Nutritional information available at select machines
Coca-Cola, Prestige Services and New Leaf Vending
Retail Dining
19 locations on campus!
Textbooks (New, used, rentals and EBooks)
Apparel & UAlbany gear
Commencement regalia and diploma frames
Barnes & Noble
Retail Dining
19 locations on campus!
UAlbany ID Card
The UAlbany ID Card provides access to:
Operated by UAS
Retail Dining
19 locations on campus!
Residence Halls
Meal Plans & Discount Dollars
Munch Money, Podium and Campus Gold funds
Fitness facilities
Library/print & copy services
Bus services
*The ID Card Office also oversees:
Campus-wide door access (e.g., classrooms)
Security monitors/cameras
GET: ID Card Online Services
via myUAlbany to check account balances, add funds, request funds from family and deactivate/reactivate a lost card.
Other UAS Services
Banking -
Laundry Services, including LaundryView -
CSC Service Works
MicroFridge Rentals

Refrigerator Leasing Co.
Moving and Storage -
Don's Moving and Storage and Collegeboxes
Floral Services -
Frank Gallo & Sons Florist
Car Sharing -
Linens/Dorm Decor -
Residence Hall Linens
Property Insurance -
HF & C

Retail Dining
19 locations on campus!
Traditional Residence Hall Dining
Available at Colonial, Indian and State Quads.
Hot entrees
Allergy/gluten free zones
Exhibition Cooking
Mongolian Grill (Indian Quad)
Brick oven pizza (State Quad)
Salad and soup bars
Made-to-order deli stations
and more!
Food on Demand at Alumni Quad
New for Fall 2017!

Food on Demand (F.O.D.) is a new concept whereby students order cooked-to-order meals from a kiosk. Salad bar, simple serving meals and late night dining are also available!

In the News
UAS has been prominently featured in newsletters and trade publications.
For example: 518 Market, Zipcar, Kosher Kitchen and other UAS initiatives have been featured in local and publications, such as:
On Campus Hospitality Magazine
Times Union
Steve Barnes Food Blog
National Food Management Magazine
Yahoo Finance
Herald Online
Spectrum News
In addition, UAS offers:
Program Funds & Supplemental Program Funds
In-kind donations
Student employment opportunities
Administrative support
UAS Contact Information
Sign up for UAS text alerts by texting
Message & data rates may apply
(Multiple meals in one visit are allowed)
GET: ID Card Online Services can also be accessed via
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