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Healthy Church: Plurality of Elders

No description

Stephen Johns

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Church: Plurality of Elders

Healthy Church: Plurality of Elders
Historical Progression of Deacons
Catholic and Lutheran
Biblical Evidence of Deacon Work
Acts 6:1-6
Affirmations about Deacons
Beginning to Understand Deacons
Lt. Waverly Wray
Kennerly Road Baptist Church
Shock Absorbers
Church Servants
Apostle Servants
2. Deacons are servants of the church
3. Deacons are servants of the Apostles (Elders)
1. There can be a group of them
4. Deacons are leaders in helping to organize practical work in the ministry
5. Deacons are shock absorbers
6. Deacons are God's plan for helping the church
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