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SS8H1a Prehistoric Cultures of Georgia

Covers Georgia Standard SS8H1a

Melissa Houghton

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of SS8H1a Prehistoric Cultures of Georgia

Prehistoric Cultures of Georgia
Paleo Indians
Archaic Indians
Woodland Indians
Mississippian Indians
Today's Standard
SS8H1 The student will evaluate the development of Native American cultures and the impact of European exploration and settlement on the Native American cultures in Georgia.
a. Describe the evolution of Native American cultures (Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian) prior to European contact.
SS8E1 The student will give examples of the kinds of goods and services produced in Georgia in different historical periods.
Enduring Understanding and EQ:
The student will understand that the movement and migration of people and ideas affects all societies involved.
How did various developments in the culture of prehistoric Native Americans mark their evolution from the Paleo period through the Mississippian Period? (H1a, E1)
What impact did environment have on the development of the prehistoric Native American cultures?(H1a, E1)
What caused the early prehistoric societies to be on the move, and once they stopped their nomadic existence, how did their society change? (H1a)
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