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The Hatchet

No description

Samantha MacKenzie

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of The Hatchet

The Hatchet
Gary Paulsen
Author's Craft
-Foreshadowing: Brian has clues to future events
Brian is fearful that the plane is off course and he will not be easily rescued
Brian dreams of Terry and his father, hinting that he is capable of producing fire
-Flashbacks: Brian remembers events from the past
Brian reminisces about his parent's divorce and The Secret
Brian remembers when he broke his ankle after hitting a parked car on his bicycle
Brian remembers pretending to be lost in the woods with his friend Terry
Character Traits
Main Character: Brian Robeson
he is a thirteen year boy who is traveling on a Cessna to visit his father for the first time since the divorce
his attitude toward the pilot changes in Chapter 1. He first sees the pilot as a machine, then realizes he is friendly after he learns how to fly the plane
Brian develops a plan of action as he anticipates the plane running out of fuel. He actually crashes the plane into trees before it finally settles into the lake.
He escapes the plane and swims to the shore. His injuries are minor but now he is faced with survival.
He is attacked by mosquitoes and flies at dawn and dusk.
Brian is thirsty and hungry and needs to find shelter. He drinks water from the lake, finds "gut cherries," and uses a ridge to create a shelter.
He uses his windbreaker to protect from the mosquitoes and to carry berries back to his shelter.
His appearance is "ugly." He is full of blood, scars, bumps, and bruises in Ch. 7.
Brian accomplished a great feat in Ch. 9 by creating fire. He used his hatchet, a dark stone from his dwelling, birch bark, and his breath (oxygen)
Brian realizes how much of a "city boy" he is. He is beginning to reshape his perspective to truly understand the wilderness
Brian was traveling in a Cessna to visit his father
His parents are recently divorced and his father now works in the Canadian Oil Fields
The pilot allowed Brian to steer the Cessna, before he had a sudden heart attack and died
Brian was left alone in the plane and waited until it ran out of fuel
He tried to use the radio to call for help but did not know his location
The plane crashed into a tree and wound up in a lake
Brian swam to shore and had minor injuries
Now, he is lost somewhere in the Canadian forest. He has his hatchet, but no other supplies.
Brian has flashbacks to seeing his mother with another man, he hints at a secret that led to his parents' divorce
He finds "gut cherries" but realizes that this makes him sick and needs another food source
He drinks water from the lake to quench his unbelievable thirst
He creates a shelter near the rock ridge using wood to enclose it
Next, Brian finds raspberries and encounters a bear, who just studies him, then walks away
As he sleeps, a porcupine gets into his shelter. Brian threw his hatchet and saw sparks as it hit a dark stone inside of his "cave"
Brian finally creates a fire, after many attempts. He uses his hatchet, the dark stone, oxygen from his breath, and birch wood for kindling.
He also discovers turtle eggs as a new food source on the beach. He eats them raw.
Anchor Chart
Flow chart to describe the challenges Brian faces and his actions/inactions
Chapter 1
Learns how to steer the Cessna
Chapter 3
Challenges: The plane runs out of fuel
Chapter 4
Challenges: The plane crashed in the lake/ tired and in pain/ mosquitoes and flies
Chapter 5
Challenges: thirst/ sunburned/ location
Chapter 6
Challenges: hunger/ shelter/ protection from wild animals
Challenges: Parents divorce/
Visiting his dad for the summer
Doesn't talk to the pilot much
Learning to steer the plane was helpful for Brian in the future. Not asking the pilot more questions will turn out disastrous.
Chapter 2
Challenges: The pilot had a heart attack/ Alone
He tried to call for help using the radio
He had a plan for landing the plane
He was afraid to land the plane early
He did not recover the emergency bag
He tries to land the plane on a lake
He does not send out any signals
The plane hits a tree and he goes down with the plane
Brian swims to the shore
He covers himself with his torn windbreaker
Brian doesn't look for food or water
He doesn't grab anything from the wreckage
He leaves the pilot in the lake
Brian drinks water from the lake to quench his thirst
He assesses what he has or doesn't have
He thinks back to events that led him here, but isn't sure where that is
He doesn't collect or store water for later
He doesn't try to find supplies in the plane
Brian finds a shelter using the ridge near the lake
He finds berries with the help of watching birds
He remembers that he has his hatchet for protection
He encloses his shelter
Brian doesn't try to hunt or fish
He settles on the ridge before searching for other locations as shelter
Chapter 7
Challenges: Food Poisoning from gut cherries, Bear encounter
Threw Up and had diarrhea from the gut cherries
Ventured to find new source of food (raspberries)
Slept with his hatchet just in case of an attack
Stood still when he saw the bear/ No reaction/ stunned
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Challenges: porcupine in his dwelling, strange dreams
Threw his hatchet
Noticed sparks
Removed the quills from his leg
Couldn't understand what his dream meant
Challenges: Brian tried over and over to create fire
Using the hatchet to spark against the dark stone in his shelter
Found birch bark to use as kindling
Tore his $20 bill for kindling
Realized that the fire needed oxygen and blew on it
Added wood to his fire
Called the fire "his friend"
Chapter 10
Challenges: How to eat the turtle eggs?/ How to keep the fire going?/ Remain hopeful
Wakes up in the middle of the night to add wood to the fire
Digs in the sand to find the turtle eggs
Sharpens a stick, pokes a hole in the eggs, eats them raw
Saves many eggs as a ration for days to come
Remembers the searchers
Brian hears a noise outside, but can't see what it is and falls back asleep
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